Friday, November 18, 2005

Winning One For the City, too

John Branch was a columnist for the Fresno Bee for the last 2-3 plus years before he left for the New York Times a couple of months ago. He was your typical columnist writing crap to stir up the community. Now he comes out of nowhere and writes a great piece about Pat Hill, Fresno State and the City of Fresno.

Branch was not the most loved person among Fresno State fans, but what columnist is ever loved by the readers. But it is hard to imagined that even Branch would write such a decent piece about Fresno.

It is your usual stuff about the little guy taking on the big guy mantra. Am I the only one sick of hearing that crap? Yeah it might apply somewhat for this game, but Fresno State is 8-1 and ranked 16th in the country. The Bulldogs even hold a 1-0 lead in the series.

If Fresno State gets the crap beat out of them, then the media can talk about how the little guy Bulldogs were embarrassed by the mighty Trojans. Fresno State has earned enough respect to be taken seriously this Saturday, and are not your typical non-BCS team. Let the field determine if Fresno State is really a player nationally.

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