Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Practice 10 Review

The sun was out, for once, and practice picked up its intensity from Monday. Dwayne Wright was back in full pads, but a couple of guys sat out of Wednesday's practice. Tyler Clutts, Adam McDowell, Chris Denham, James Paulk, Jake Jorde and Charles Tolbert were not in full pads for some reason or another.

James Meeks and Richard Pacheco stood out on the offensive line among the young guys. Pacheco is filling in for Cole Popovich's starting spot at guard all spring. Meeks is backing up Denham at RT, but is the program's future at the position, he is just a redshirt freshman. Chris Piligian is switching between tackle and guard. He is a solid contributor that has been unable to crack the starting lineup on a very deep unit.

Louis Leonard had a good day of practice. He blew through Ryan Wendell's block to make a huge tackle behind the line of scrimmage in a drill. Ikenna Ike was practicing some pass coverage in a solo drill. He is listed as a DT on the spring roster, but played DE last year. Ike has improved his game from last year, as well as, his strength. Jason Roberts has had some better practices. DL coach Kerry Locklin was getting on him quite a bit. Roberts is a pure pass rusher, but his run support could use tuning. Roberts and Marlon Brisco are in a heated battle for the starting spot opposite Clutts.

Didn't catch to much of the linebackers, but Dwayne Andrews and Pacheco got into a scuffle during a drill. It was settled on the field with the two going head to head, Andrews got the upper hand in that one, but Pacheco held his own.

Damon Jenkins still has yet to break through as a legitimate starting cornerback. His injury may have slowed his progress but Elgin Simmons has the edge as the starter for now. Safety Marvin Haynes looked very good in drills, exhibiting skills that could make him a very good corner prospect if needed. The group of redshirt freshmen walk-ons are working hard in practice, but this is still a very suspect group that may need the 2006 recruits to help bolster it.

The quarterback battle is just humming along. There were no long balls in practice today, but all three had decent days. If I had to pick one that stood out, I would have to say Ryan Colburn.

Frank Padilla and Isaac Kinter will add a very good diversity to the offense. Pat Hill has never had fullbacks with this much size, speed and hands. Both players will be viable options in games, but Padilla may redshirt if he can't make the travel roster, he is just a true freshman.

The receivers have had better days, but overall the practice was good.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Practice 9 Review

The rain held back and only sprinkles fell towards the end of the Bulldogs' ninth spring practice. Louis Leonard was back at practice after missing some of last week and the South Valley Scrimmage for undisclosed reasons. Dwayne Wright sat out of today's practice, but it didn't look to be injury related. If so, it was minor. Ryan McKinley continues to be sidelined as well. Seyi Ajirotutu was also at practice despite being helped off the field at last Saturday's scrimmage.

The quarterback battle is starting to dwindle down to a two man race. Ryan Colburn continues to look great at times, but his inexperience, and the fact that Sean Norton and Tom Brandstater have the edge, equals redshirt. Speaking of the quarterbacks, it was pointed out to me by fsufever, each one is capable of throwing the quick, dump-off screen. If Bulldog fans remember Paul Pinegar was unable to throw that "simple" pass. He either over threw or under threw his target, and was never able to catch his receiver in stride.

It is pass that really wasn't used too much in the offense with Pinegar, other than to Matt Rivera as a last option in passing situations. I hadn't really notice that the three quarterbacks were able to throw this pass because it is a pass that is often taken for granted. However, in Pat Hill's offense, timing is everything.

Chastin West caught one of these particular passes from Norton, in practice, and darted into the secondary with ease. West lined up at the wideout, came in motion and lined up in the backfield as an H-back. Norton took the snap and dumped off the ball to West in stride and the rest was history. If that ball was thrown ahead or behind West, the timing of the play would have been off and resulted in little or no gain.

West, and the rest of the young receivers did a fine job as a punt returners. Jason Crawley didn't have his best practice, and quite honestly the entire practice lacked the intensity of some of the others I have witnessed. Maybe it was the weather? West and Crawley have separated themselves from the rest of the young receivers, in my opinion. Ajirotutu and Marlin Moore need to keep up or face the reality of sitting on the bench as the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th option at receiver.

Rich Owens got a lot of reps in practice in place of Wright. The rFr has a great running style, and awesome technique. He is a patient runner like Bryson Sumlin. He waits for his blocks to develop and once he hits a hole, it's like, "I had no idea he could run like that." Dorsey has yet to wow me. It is not because he has not looked good, he has, but I am expecting more from him. Dorsey brings a lot to the table as a running back, and I believe he could start in place of Wright, if needed.

From none to many, that is the new slogan for the fullbacks. Seven fullbacks dot the spring roster, but aside from Roshon Vercher, they are either young or inexperienced. Vercher got a lot of passes thrown his way. He has always had great hands, but is the increase of activity a sign of Steve Hagen's changing offense or the ability of the new quarterbacks to hit the backs in stride?

Bobby Lepori has a lock on the left tackle position, for now. Adam McDowell, John Guevara, and Richard Pacheco still have a shot, but Lepori is looking real good. What about 4 star JC recruit James Paulk? What about him? He is not in football shape, and is sucking wind trying to beat out the more physical lineman. Paulk could make his move in the fall, if he works at it.

Devin Packard is a star in the making if he just practiced a little harder, gained some weight and didn't look so timid. He is listed as 6-6 235, but needs to tack on at least another 30 lbs to be a true menace in the middle. Charles Tolbert and Ikenna Ike are both under 6-2 but have a motor that doesn't quit. Ike played at defensive end last year, but this year is listed as a defensive tackle. He could fill the role that Garrett McIntyre played in the nickel packages last year, as a "DE" playing "DT" in passing downs. Kenny Avon is continuing to improve each practice, and he is a player to watch at this Saturday's Spring Game.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Is it Tom's to Lose?

Tom Brandstater, Sean Norton and Ryan Colburn are locked into the biggest quarterback battle in over 10 years at Fresno State. Each brings something different to the table, but only two have a glaring weakness that hinders their chances at becoming the next Bulldog quarterback.

Colburn is just true freshman but has been compared to David Carr for his size and presence in the pocket. He sat out last year as a grayshirt, and only has month of bowl practice and a few weeks of spring practice under his belt. Pat Hill likes to develop his quarterbacks by grayshirting and redshirting his prospects. Even Paul Pinegar was a third-year player when he made his first start in 2002. Carr played as a true freshman in a limited role in 1997, but that was out of necessity. The odds are against Colburn despite his countless comparisons to Carr. Unless he has a great Spring Game, and Brandstater and Norton do not, he will likely redshirt.

Norton is a Parade all-American who has all the tools but one, size. Could this unbelievable player actually be sidelined because he is only 5-11? Yes! If Brandstater and Norton are neck and neck, with no real clear cut No. 1 guy, who would you choose? The one that is 5-11 or the one that was 6-5? There are few in the college ranks that can throw a ball on the line like Norton can. He is mobile and fast enough to beat a linebacker to the corner, but will it be enough to win the starting job?

Brandstater has everything, per se. He is the most experienced, not by much, but is the only one of the three to have actually thrown a Division IA pass. He has the strongest arm and throws a beautiful deep ball. He has the impressive size that coaches and the pros covet. He has been considered by fans to have been ready since 2004, but not by Hill. What has been most impressive about Brandstater is his heart and determination. He has come to play this spring and is not just sitting and expecting to be the starter.

By just looking at a roster, one would cross off Norton for his size, Colburn for his inexperience, and anoint Brandstater as the heir apparent to Pinegar. That is what CFN is doing. They rank Fresno State's quarterback battle No. 17 in their top 30 quarterback battle for 2006. I know I have stated that it is Brandstater's job to lose on more than one occasion, but I have seen almost all of the spring practices. I have yet to see Pete Fiutak, Matt Zemek or any other lemming from CFN at Bulldog practice.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hard Rain: The South Valley Scrimmage

It was wet and cold down in Visalia. The rain never let up and if effected the performance on the field. There were very few offensive highlights, the defense dominated the scrimmage. Tom Brandstater, Sean Norton and Ryan Colburn shared snaps, but neither looked impressive in the wet weather. Norton, however, ran a few option plays, including one where he reversed field and ran away from the defense.

The rain was the main reason for the quarterbacks' average performance. The field conditions favored the defense, and hindered the offense's speed advantage. Dwayne Wright ran the first couple of plays from scrimmage and looked good. He did not have any breakaway runs, but was still the offense's best player. Andrew Jones surprised me with his speed, and Rich Owens held his own with a couple of good runs. Shannon Dorsey had an average day, again the weather could be attributed for the many lackluster performances.

Jason Crawley has been showing flashes of brillance all spring, and just might be the most gifted wide receiver on the team. Not to take anything away from the "freak" Paul Williams, but Crawley made a "freakish" catch over the middle before getting creamed by Dwayne Andrews. The PA announcer called out for Pat Hill to call the trainer, but Crawley got up and shook it off.

The rain eliminated the long ball, but Bear Pascoe showed great hands in the short passing game. Pascoe has distanced himself from Drew Lubinsky and Isaac Kinter in the underrated tight end race.

Defensively, Tyler Clutts has gotten quicker, evident by his ability to corral Norton. Jason Shirley and Andrews continue to make the middle of the defense tough to run against. Louis Leonard missed today's scrimmage, but along with Shirley there is not a better pair of defensive tackles in the WAC. Vincent Mays showed why he was a four star recruit out of high school. His interception near the goal line was amazing display of talent.

Seyi Ajirotutu got injured in a routine pile up, but was able to walk it off. His status was unknown, but it looks serious enough that if might keep him out of the rest of spring ball. Linebacker Ryan McKinely didn't participate in the scrimmage while nursing an injury.

The elements might have put a damper on the heated quarterback battle, but it will pick up at the Spring Game April 1 at Bulldog Stadium.

Offensive MVP- Bear Pascoe and Dwayne Wright

Defensive MVP- Vincent Mays

Friday, March 24, 2006

South Valley Scrimmage 3/25 12pm at CVC

Visalia's Central Valley Christian High School will be the site for the Bulldog's annual South Valley Scrimmage. 3,000 fans turned out for last year's event, and it is an event. A carnival like atmosphere will surround the game, and the South Valley Quarterback Club will be selling some of the best tasting tri-tip sandwiches around. The scrimmage will start at noon, and the players will be available after the game to sign autographs.

Rain could be in the forecast for tomorrow, but I doubt that will detour the diehard South Valley Bulldog fans. Myself and a host of others will make the trip down from the No, not to mention the few Bulldog fans that will travel from as far as Southern and Northern California, just to get their Bulldog football fix. Get the first look at the new offense, Dwayne Wright's return and the rest of the team.

Phil Ghilarducci

Phil Ghilarducci is the former Gunn High School (Palo Alto) standout that signed with Oregon State out of high school and now will walk on at Fresno State in the fall. Read the exclusive interview on the Bark Board (requires subscription). Why did he leave Oregon State? How did he end up in the hands of Pat Hill?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Practice 5 Review

The rain ruined Monday's practice and the football team didn't resume practice until yesterday afternoon. The team practiced in full pads. I watched only the first hour and half, which was mostly warm ups, position drills, and a little 11 on 11 action. I mainly looked at the defensive backs and a special team drill simulating punt coverage, that was very hard-hitting.

Damon Jenkins practiced yesterday, there seemed to be no ill effects of his injury that occurred last Saturday. I was asked a question early this week concerning the defensive backs and why not move a safety over to cover the depth problem at cornerback. Safety is not too experienced either, but has more talented depth. In my opinion the top four DBs, regardless of position, are CB Marcus McCauley, S Vincent Mays, S Josh Sherley and S Moses Harris, with CB Damon Jenkins, S Marvin Haynes, CB Elgin Simmons, and S Jake Jorde the next best four. Not sure if it makes any difference but the top four that I mentioned were practicing together in drills. The talent behind those 8 drops off tremendously. As well, McCauley is a very good corner, but Jenkins and Simmons are just ok, maybe the safeties will have to pick up the slack?

The punt coverage drill was the most entertaining part of practice that I witnessed. Two drills alternated after each other. Each drill had three players, one punt coverage, one punter return blocker, and a punt returner. A combination of offensive and defensive players, mostly RBs, DBs, LBs, WRs, and TEs, participated in the drill. Since Clifton Smith and Joe Fernandez are sitting out of spring practice, a bunch of new guys were returning the punts and not practicing in punt coverage hitting. Marcus McCauley and Shannon Dorsey looked the most impressive returning kicks, didn't drop any punts. Youngsters Seyi Ajurotutu, Jason Crawley, Marlin Moore, Andrew Jones, and a few others alternated as punt returners, too.

Players paired up and switched between blocking and punt coverage. MLB Dwayne Andrews and FB Frank Padilla had some good hits against each other, as did FB Roshon Vercher and TE/FB Isaac Kinter. Soph. TE Drew Lubinsky looked great containing senior LB Alan Goodwin. DEs Tyler Clutts and Ikenna Ike were the only "lineman" practicing punt coverage that I noticed.

I will focus again on the defensive backs on Friday, and report on the development of the quarterbacks, too. Brandstater, in my opinion, is starting to pull away from the pack, but it is still way too early.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Sum of Sumlin

That was the headline all year in every Fresno State football game release detailing Bryson Sumlin's career rushing yards. Sumlin started his career at Fresno State as a walk on defensive back from Bakersfield. In 2002, as a freshman, he made the move back to his desired position, running back, a position that had little depth that year. He impressed enough to eventually tally 249 yards as Rodney Davis' back up. He continued to shine as a sophomore, out gaining Davis, totaling 509 yards and led the team with 9 rushing touchdowns, while backing up Dwayne Wright.

2004 was his break out year, but at the misfortune of a season ending injury to Wright, in the second game of the year against Kansas State. Ironically, it was against K-State that the Wildcat coaches were amazed that Sumlin was not the starter, as he continually pounded their defense with punishing runs. Sumlin assumed the starting spot for 8 of the next 10 games, while sharing the bulk of the carries with Wendell Mathis. Sumlin rushed for 1,104 yards and 13 touchdowns, which led the team in both catergories.

In 2005 Sumlin and Mathis were destined to be the most imposing Bulldog tailback tandem since Ron Rivers and Anthony Daigle. Wright was supposed to return last year, but sat out to get healthy and the loss of Clifton Smith to injury compounded the issue of Sumlin and Mathis being the "guys". However, Sumlin and Mathis never developed into a "tandem". Pat Hill likes to have one power back to get a bulk of the carries, like Paris Gaines in 2001 and Davis in 2002. In 2003 Davis never got on track, and Wright assumed the starting role by the 3rd or 4th game. 2004 was Wright's year, before getting injured, but Sumlin shared the load against K-State while Mathis was a distant 3rd on the depth chart. Wright's injury opened the door for Sumlin and Mathis and they became the most productive running back duo in Bulldog history.

It would seem Hill would want to continue to "share the load" at running back, but it goes against his style of play. It was evident early on when Sumlin was non-existent against Oregon, getting only one more carry, after botching a key 3rd and 1 inside Duck territory in the 2nd quarter. Yet, it was Sumlin who woke up the Bulldog offense in the next game against Toledo when Mathis was ineffective. It was by far Sumlin's best game of the year, rushing for 106 yards and a touchdown and catching 2 ball for 41 yards another score. Sumlin would gain over 100 yards only once more, against New Mexico State, and completely fell off the radar after the win against Boise State.

Sumlin, who rushed for 61 yards on 10 carries against BSU, totaled only 3 yards on 2 carries the next three games against USC, Nevada and Louisiana Tech, and all the carries came against LA Tech. Throw in his game against Oregon, and in Fresno State's 4 regular season losses, Fresno State's leading rusher from 2004 totaled only 4 carries for 4 yards. Huh? Sumlin did get 11 rushed for 57 yards and a touchdown in the Liberty Bowl vs Tulsa. But the damage was done, what happened to the Sum of Sumlin?

In Hill's defense Mathis was a great back, had a stellar senior year, and was named first team all-WAC. However, in the last 3 regular season games 3rd down/passing situation back Matt Rivera got more carries and playing time than Sumlin. In fact it was Rivera, listed as 2nd string fullback on the depth chart, that emerged as the No. 2 running back in the last three games, rushing for 44 yards on 11 carries. In terms of effort vs talent, there is no one better in the nation than Rivera was last year. He does the most with his given ability, but at the expense of having Sumlin on the bench? Was Vercher's injury that much of an impact that eliminated it Sumlin and power formations? If so then what about the Oregon game?

Rivera is widely considered the best receiver out of the backfield, so any situation where Fresno State is in a hurry up formation(Oregon, USC, Nevada, LA Tech) he is usually in the backfield. As well, Smith's injury forced Rivera into many packages that Smith would have filled. But is that a position that Sumlin could have filled?

I remember Sumlin not being such a bad receiver out of the backfield, himself. His 44 yard touchdown reception off a screen in 2003 against UCLA, in the mud, was impressive. As was his 20 yard touchdown reception against Toledo last year that sparked an inept offense. Even his bio at, very good at coming out of the backfield to catch passes. What makes it even more interesting is his NFL prospect file by the NFL Experts at (requires subscription) For those who do not have a subscription, a couple of phrases that stand out:

Effective blocker in pass protection............Sumlin could fit in as a third down back/special teams player in the NFL.

WTF? If he is being projected as a "third down" back at the next level that can block in pass protection, why in the hell did Rivera fill "that" role the last couple of seasons? No offense to Rivera, I loved the guy, but what happened to the Sum of Sumlin?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Imagine If He Would Have Stayed......

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Cornerback Issues

Richard Marshall is gone to the NFL, but his replacement, Damon Jenkins, 5'11 180, got injured during Saturday's practice, which I did not attend. Jenkins was making strides in spring at the cornerback position, which looks to be weakest of the entire team in terms of depth. Marcus McCauley, 6'1 195, will contend for all-WAC and all-American honors, but behind him the list of unknowns is long. Senior Elgin Simmons, 5'9 165, is the only CB with any game experience besides McCauley and Jenkins, but he is shorter than Jenkins, and not as physical as McCauley. Will redshirt freshmen Matt Davis, 5'9 170, and Justin Blackmon, 5'10 170, find themselves in the starting rotation?

I do not know the extent of Jenkins injury. If it is indeed serious, then the cornerbacks will be in dire straits. McCauley and Jenkins make a formidable duo, and Simmons would fit fine as the "nickel" back, but losing Jenkins means the unit just got a whole lot younger.

Should Pat Hill have aggressively recruited a standout JC CB or two, after Marshall declared for the draft? Is he counting on true freshman A.J. Jefferson and Damion Owens to step up in August? On signing day he did say Owens has a good chance to play as a true. Will Hill move rFr. wide receivers Marlin Moore and Jason Crawley to CB? Both were outstanding DBs in high school. Does RB Clifton Smith go both ways when he comes back in the fall? Smith was an excellent young CB as afreshman. Or is the wildcard Lawrence Hood?

Hood is sitting out of spring drills, but will supposedly join the team in August, but is likely to redshirt after sitting out 2005. Hood apparently did not qualify academically this year, and has yet to practice with the team. However, in my opinion, he is the most talented of the newbies, capable of filling the void.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Missed Practice Today

I missed today's practice. I was totally unaware there was a practice being held after the coaches clinic at noon, and made other plans. If anyone attended today's practice and would like to post a recap, drop me a line.

Spring Practice 3 Review

Practice was wet and muddy, but fun to watch. The third spring practice was moved to the White Lot due to the muddy field conditions on the practice field, which for those who are not aware, used to be a ponding basin. Practice was also flooded with coaches, high school and college, in town for the annual Fresno State coaches clinic.

I had posted the vid clips of spring practice for just fan viewing, but I have decided to remove them. I don't want to stir the pot. Practice reviews will continue in text format next week.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fontenot Headed to Europe: Did He Get a Raw Deal as a 'Dog?

Therrian Fontenot was one of my favorite Bulldogs. I always felt he got a raw deal at Fresno State. The fact that he made an NFL roster as undrafted free agent made me think how in the hell did this guy ride the bench for 4 years? He was a member of the Green Bay Packers practice squad for the first 16 weeks of the season in 2005, but did play in season finale against Seattle. Fontenot will be in uniform this weekend, as a member of the Rhein Fire, when NFL Europe officially kicks off it 14th season.

Fontenot had incredible speed. I believe he is the only player Hill has been able to recruit with sub 4.4 speed. He was recruited as a tailback but sat out 2000 as a non-qualifier. He made his debut in 2001 against Colorado and was back up to Paris Gaines all year. He got hurt in the 2002 preseason, after he was slated to battle for starting tailback position. Fontenot was never really able to adjust to being a college tailback. He relied too much on his speed, instead of his blockers. Rodney Davis and Bryson Sumlin established themselves as the go-to running backs in 2002 and the signing of JC standout Dwayne Wright all but signaled the end for Fontenot to get significant playing time in 2003.

I always felt Fontenot could have been the "Clifton Smith" of 2003 and 2004. He was quick, extremely fast and could play the H-back/slot position, but instead he was switched to cornerback. The 2002 secondary was young and got beat repeatedly all year. The 2003 season looked better with the return of Kendell Edwards and Fontenot making the switch to defense. But, Fontenot could never shake the injury bug, but more importantly he could not beat out hotshot redshirt freshmen Richard Marshall and Marcus McCauley. At the time I thought Fontenot got a raw deal, but after seeing M & M develop into potential NFL first round picks, I guess I was mistaken.

As fans we tend to second guess coaching decisions, especially during slumps and disappointing seasons, but we must support whatever decision coaches make. Pat Hill is either loved or hated, there are few far between, but the fact remains his program is well-respected nationally both on a college and pro level. I make this statement this spring because Bulldog fans were really down about last years 4 game losing streak, and many expect major changes this year.

For instance, the linebacking corps was abysmal the final four games, mainly due to the fact Marcus Riley got injured against USC and was lost for the season. Bulldog fans expect rFr. Isaac Kinter and the incoming fall recruits to make a big splash and have a shot to start. If it doesn't happen it is not because Hill has beef against anyone or he doesn't feel freshman should be given a shot. I have, more often than not, blasted the coaching for losses and I will continue to do so because Hill has stated that he is responsible.

The better team wins and five times last year, Fresno State was not the better team for whatever reason. It is all about execution and coaching. The offensive coaching staff has gotten an overhaul, but not by choice. I still think defensively the coaching staff is lacking, per se, but I will not make any more assumptions until September 1 against Nevada.

Spring Practice # 3

Bulldog Spring Practice resumes today at the practice field. Practice starts at 3 pm and is open to the public. If you get a chance to escape work early, or have the day off, head out and catch a glimpse of the 2006 team. To note, usually the first hour of practice is mostly drills, but still very interesting to watch.

On Air w/ 1550 Talking 'Dogs

I will be on air this afternoon after 5 pm PT with Tony D on 1550 SNR talking Bulldog Football and spring practice. I will be on air next week Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:25 am PT. If you can't make it to a radio or out of signal reach, there is a live Web stream available at

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fresno State NFL Draft Board

This year's group of Bulldog NFL prospects have a good shot to match Pat Hill's record of 4 players drafted in 2002. David Carr, Alan Harper, Maurice Rodriguez and Rodney Wright was the best crop of pro prospects in the Hill era until this year. Fresno State's all-time record of 5 players drafted, 1987 and 1990, could be in jeopardy. However, both of those respective drafts had 12 rounds, unlike the 7 rounds of today.

We all know about Richard Marshall, but WR Adam Jennings stock is rising, too. Jennings, despite not having a stellar senior season in terms of receptions is projected as 4th round pick by RB Wendell Mathis is projected as a 5th round pick, and QB Paul Pinegar is projected as a 7th round pick, although his stock is dropping, by, also.

DE/LB Garrett McIntyre and WR Jermaine Jamison are lurking under the radar. McIntyre is projected as a late first day pick by many NFL scouts as a linebacker. Jamison is benefiting from a good pro day. With his size and impressive speed, a team may take a shot on him with a late second day pick. Other Bulldogs with a shot at the NFL, either as a surprise late round pick or more than likely a free agent are as follows: S Tyrone Culver, DB Awan Diles, LB/DB Manuel Sanchez, G Dartangon Shack, RB Bryson Sumlin, and CB Ray Washington.

More Marshall

Richard Marshall is quickly moving up on many NFL team's draft boards. According to ratings by, as many as 19 defensive backs could be selected in the first two rounds. USA Today lists its top 14 defensive backs, 8 cornerbacks and 6 safeties. Marshall is listed as the 7th best CB available for the draft. Texas' Michael Huff, Clemson's Tye Hill and Virginia Tech's Jimmy Williams are considered the top three DBs by most draft gurus. After those three, Marshall has a good of chance as any to be the next DB selected in the NFL Draft.

Marshall's pros have been his speed, man-to-man coverage, and he has the ability to return kicks. His cons, he was just a 2nd team all-WAC selection the last two years and showed signs of inconsistent play at times. I am surprised his 5'11 height has not been a bigger knock against him, especially since Miami's 5'11 Kelly Jennings is often knocked for his height. Marshall will be picked no later than the the second round, probably the late first, not bad for guy many said should have stayed for his senior year.

1550 Radio Appearances

I will be on air today at 7:25 am with Tony D on 1550 SNR talking Bulldog Football and spring practice. I will be on air next week, same time everyday following a Bulldog spring practice. If you can't make it to a radio or out of signal reach, there is a live Web stream available at

As well, every Friday at 8:05 am on 1550 SNR, myself or Aaron, will be talking about all the happenings on the Bark Board.

Spring Practice 2 Review

Marcus Riley has to wait until August to assume his role as the team's best LB.

I spent only about the first hour at practice, and focused mainly on the defensive lineman and linebackers. I did see some 11 on 11 drills, and caught a little bit of the offense, but I wanted to really see the defensive front seven. Some notes to mention:

Louis Leonard and Jason Shirley need to stay healthy all season. These two are a menacing front, but the depth behind them is a lot smaller and inexperienced. #94 DT Jon Monga has gotten bigger, quicker and should be the No.3 guy in the rotation. #91 DT Kenny Avon needs to bulk up some more, and seems to lack the motor be more effective. With all the talk about Jason Roberts and Mike Stuart, I seemed to have forgotten about Marlon Brisco. Brisco looks good opposite Tyler Clutts, and is for fight to fend off the bigger and quicker Roberts. #93 stood out of the new and unrecognizable players. Ricky Miller is gone, so I am assuming it is Cornell Banks, since he and Roberts both shared #99 on the roster. Two players I didn't see were DE Adam McDowell and DT Charles Tolbert. Also not sure if I am mistaken, but I assumed Stuart was a mid-year transfer and would participate in spring drills, but I haven't seen him yet.

Marcus Riley will be out for spring and Quaadir Brown is taking his place with the first team defense. Brown is fast becoming a very good OLB that will be tough to keep off the field. Dwayne Andrews has the hold on the middle, and won't face any real test until fall when Robert Schenck enrolls. Alan Goodwin is the incumbent at SLB, and he is being backed up by Ahijah Lane. Isaac Kinter, I believe, is still working with the offense(tight ends??) unless he switched his #45 jersey back to a number in the 50s. #58 Ryan McKinley impressed me with his intensity, I have underestimated him. There were a host of other LBs with new or unfamiliar numbers: 49, 53, 54, 56, and 59. Aaron Oliver wore #53, but I believe he has switched to offense. LB Max Navo is listed on last year's roster with #53, too. Seth McDaniels is list on last year's roster as #56. Todd Chisom is listed as #49, but the player who wore #49 at practice did not have a helmet, I am assuming he is a walk on. Chisom was a 2005 recruit who redshirted.

The secondary "starting" four was Marcus McCauley and Damon Jenkins at CB, Josh Sherley at SS and Vincent Mays at FS. Backing them up were CB Elgin Simmons, SS Moses Harris, and FS Marvin Haynes. I couldn't make out who was backing up Jenkins. There were a host of new players wearing familiar jersey numbers of departed players like 24 and 27. I am really impressed by Harris, and believe he can unseat Sherley at SS, just like James Sanders did in 2002 to the incumbent Bryce McGill.

Offensively, from what I saw in the first hour, Brandstater and Norton worked with the first offense, and Colburn worked with the second team. WR Joe Fernandez is out for spring, but the offense was running some 3 WR sets with Paul Williams, Jaron Fairman, and Kevin Ciccone. Fairman has been impressive thus far. JC standout James Paulk lined up at RG with the second team offense.

Without a correct roster it is hard to pick out some of the new players, and some of those that have switched numbers. For instance the WRs have a number 5, 6 and 13. I am guessing two of those are former #35 Marlin Moore and former #82 Jason Crawley. I have yet to take a closer look at the offense or secondary, I will do that on Friday. But I did not see Moore practicing with the defense, unless he changed his jersey number, so I presume he is practicing with the receivers. This is only the 2nd practice, Moore could move to DB and Kinter could move back to LB, if he is indeed with the offense.

From what I saw this is how the depth chart is looking right now, of course unofficially. Numbers listed for the new or unfamiliar, and ??? for uncertainty of player and/or jersey number. ? for unknown lettermen that was on last year's depth chart. Projected starters that are injured for spring are in gray.

WR- Paul Williams, Kevin Ciccione, #19 Seyi Ajurotutu
WR- Jaron Fairman, #86 Chastin West, Joe Fernandez(INJ)
TE- Bear Pascoe, #80 Drew Lubinsky, Jesus Tapia
LT- #72 Bobby Lepori, #54 John Guevara
LG- Richard Pacheco, #75 Chris Piligian, Cole Popovich(INJ)
OC- Kyle Young, Robin Kezarian, #67 Cameron Harris, #74 Joe Bernardi
RG- Ryan Wendell, #71 James Paulk
RT- Chris Denham, #68 James Meeks
QB- Sean Norton/Tom Brandstater, #15 Ryan Colburn, Jordan Christensen
RB- Dwayne Wright, Shannon Dorsey, #20 Andrew Jones, #27 Rich Owens
FB- Roshon Vercher, Nate Adams, #44 Frank Padilla???

DE- Tyler Clutts, #96 Wilson Ramos, Adam McDowell?
DT- Louis Leonard, #91 Kenny Avon, Charles Tolbert?
NT- Jason Shirley, Jon Monga, #93 Cornell Banks???
DE- Marlon Brisco, #99 Jason Roberts, Ikenna Ike, #46 John Green
WLB- Quaadir Brown, Marcus Riley(INJ)
MLB- Dwayne Andrews, #57 Christian Carleson???, #47 Ryan Machado???
SLB- Alan Goodwin, #58 Ryan McKinley, Ahijah Lane
CB- Marcus McCauley, Elgin Simmons, #26 Matt Davis???
SS- Josh Sherley, #3 Moses Harris
FS- Vince Mays, #19 Marvin Haynes, #23 Jake Jorde
CB- Damon Jenkins, Simmons

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Marshall and Da Bears

Could Richard Marshall reunite with former teammate Bernard Berrian in Chicago? The latest mock draft from FSN by Rob Range of the Sports Xchange has Marshall being selected with the 26th pick overall by the Bears. His quote:

In Nathan Vasher, the Bears have one of the top playmaking corners in the game, but Charles Tillman's struggles could cause the team to jump at a talent like Marshall, who is rising up the board as the draft approaches.

The Patriots have been in love with Marshall for some time now, but might have to pass on him if a quality running back or standout linebacker is still available. Marshall will not last until the Patriots second round choice, thus if the Pats really want another quality Pat Hill player they just may have to select him with the 21st pick.

2007 Recruiting Board

Pat Hill has offered Bakersfield HS teammates OL Justin Cheadle and Athlete Phillip Thomas, but will they both commit to Fresno State?

“I was real excited when Pat Hill offered,” Cheadle said.

“He’s a real nice guy and I look forward to talking more with him, and visiting there. Fresno State is a good school to play for."

Cheadle also holds an offer from Arizona, but Thomas only holds the one from Hill. However, both still favor particular Pac 10 schools inside the state. To get the inside on their favorites read the Bark Board with TAP.

Valley Hotties

This is not football related per se, but it is Fresno related. 1430 ESPN is conducting their search for the next Miss ESPN. There are 12 girls to choose from and of those 12, 8 will be selected to battle it out at Porky's Rib House on March 30 at 7 pm for the title as Miss ESPN. Vote for your favorite here. Voting ends Sunday March 19 at 11:59 pm.

Of the 12 I have narrowed my vote down to the three pictured, and I will let reader feedback decide who gets my vote for Miss ESPN.


Underrated Spring Competitions

The Bulldogs return to the practice field this afternoon to continue spring drills. Today's practice will No. 2 in 15 total the NCAA allows. The quarterback battle is the one getting all the media attention, but there are a few others that deserve some consideration.

Left Tackle
The Candidates: #72 So. Bobby Lepori 6-5 285, #71 Jr. James Paulk 6-4 305, #52 So. Richard Pacheco 6-3 285

The consensus thought this early on is that south paw QB Ryan Colburn will redshirt, thus the left tackle will be protecting the blind side of the QB in 2006. There has not been a competition for this very important position since the 2001 preseason practice, when a former rFr. walk on tight end beat a host of candidates for the honor to protect David Carr's blind side. Logan Mankins was set as the incumbent for the next four years, but missed 2003 with a season ending injury. In his absence So. guard Dartangon Shack filled in nicely and was even named 2nd team all-WAC in 2003. Shack moved back to guard in 2004, but assumed the LT position last year after Mankins departure. Now the spot is open and the neither of the three candidates have started a game as a Bulldog.

Lepori is a Pat Hill type of guy, hard-nosed, aggressive and not afraid to hit someone. Paulk is a rare 4 star talent that FS would have never signed without the help of former OL coach Dennis Wagner. Pacheco, in my opinion, is the best of the bunch, but is better suited at guard. All three of these guys could start for just about any team in the WAC, but two of them will be riding the pine as a Bulldog in 06.

Tight End
The Candidates:
#85 So. Bear Pascoe 6-5 260, #88 Jr. Jesus Tapia 6-6 250, #80 So. Drew Lubinsky 6-6 250

In Pat Hill's tenure at Fresno State, the tight end has never really been a big part of the offense. His first year, Hill and offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford were just trying to scrape by with what was available. When former Cal Poly OC Andy Ludwig came aboard as in 1998 Hill had a decent group of TEs that he had recruited in his first two years. Eventually through the evolution of the offense, Ludwig incorporated an H-back, mainly due to the fact of not having a quality fullback. Ludwig's schemes often called for double-TE, single back formations. When he left for Oregon following the 2001 season, Hill chose an NFL guy, Frank Cignetti to assume the OC job.

Cignetti brought the fullback back to the offense, but despite having an abundance of good tight ends, the position never developed in his offense. From 2002 until 2004 the offense had at least 3 tight ends that could start and be effective, including two-time Mackey award candidate Duncan Reid and current Philadelphia Eagle back-up Stephan Spach. Last year was the first year Cignetti did not have an experienced tight end on the depth chart. Of the four on the 2005 depth chart only two were true tight ends, Jesus Tapia and Drew Lubinsky, and neither had caught a pass in their respective young careers. The only experienced TE was Devyn McDonald and he was a converted wide receiver. The starter, however, was rFr. Bear Pascoe, himself a converted quarterback. The 2006 season begins with a new OC in Steve Hagen, and 3 very big but unproven tight ends.

Pascoe is the incumbent, but that doesn't mean Tapia or Lubinsky could not impress enough to be named the starter. Talented and big, 6'4 300, TE Maurice Graham is nowhere to be seen and it is unknown whether the 2005 Washington Union recruit will be a Bulldog in the fall. It doesn't matter, the starter will come from one of the three mentioned. Pascoe is the most experienced of the three, but needs to become a legitimate go-to-guy and not just an aggressive blocker. Tapia is the most natural tight end of the bunch, but did not make his first catch until the Liberty Bowl. Lubinsky has the toughest road to climb, but is a very promising prospect. If neither one of these guys steps up, will Hagen scratch the tight end, and revert to a 3 WR set? The fullback and tight end position have been interchangeable, per se, in Hill's nine years, but Hagen would like to run an attack offense. The WRs are big and physical and are capable of blocking just as good as most tight ends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2007 Recruiting Board Update

List of 2007 Prospects(*-offered)
Javario Burkes OL 6'6 320 Moon Valley HS(Phoenix, AZ)*
Alex Cabatic RB 6'0 220 Clovis East HS

Russell Carr WR 6'3 192 Lugo HS(Chino)
Chris Carter LB 6'2 205 Kaiser HS(Fontana)

James Carter WR 5'11 169 4.46 Canyon Springs HS(Moreno Valley)
Justin Cheadle OL 6'5 240 Bakersfield HS*
Nicolas Grigsby RB/DB 5'11 175 4.51 St. Paul HS(Sante Fe Springs)
Jerrid Holland WR/S 6'0 185 4.55 Battle Mountain HS(NV)
Avery Horn RB 5'10 180 4.57 Hanford HS
Tim Lang QB 6'1 190 Grant HS(Sacramento)*
Ryan Matthews ATH 6'0 195 4.55 West HS(Bakersfield)*
Vince Pascoe FB/DT 6'1 230 Exeter HS
Romeo Pellum CB 5'11 165 4.6 Santa Fe HS(Santa Fe Springs)

Spring Practice 1 Review

Wright looks ready to pick up where he left off.

The first spring practice is in the books and the Bulldogs look ready to avenge last year's 4 game season ending losing streak. I didn't catch all of the practice, but here are a few notes to mention.

All three quarterbacks looked good, #15 Fr. Ryan Colburn, #3 So. Sean Norton, and #7 So. Tom Brandstater. Norton showed great elusiveness in the pocket, and excellent arm strength in short-medium range throws. Colburn has excellent technique, reminded me of former Cal QB Aaron Rodgers.

Dwayne Wright is running at full speed, but has added about 10-15 lbs. By August he should be back into football shape, and be ready to be one of the best tailbacks in the country. Shannon Dorsey looks healthy and should get a boatload of work in the spring with Clifton Smith and Kreig Peters both sitting out of spring ball. Speaking of Smith, he looks bigger and very eager to get on the field of play. Walk on Rich Owens lined up in the backfield, as well.

#72 So. Bobby Lepori took a lot of snaps at left tackle, and could take hold of that position vacated by Dartangon Shack and Logan Mankins previously. Paul Williams and Jaron Fairman looked great. The entire receiving corps should be great this season. I couldn't make out the WR wearing #13? Help anyone, or am mistaken, and thinking of #18 Fairman. The tight ends got in some work, as did the fullbacks particularly a healthy Roshon Vercher, but is still too early to recognize any of OC Steve Hagen's input on schemes.

#3 SS/DB Fr. Moses Harris showed signs of greatness with his quick, aggressive play, but still has a way to go when it comes to over committing to plays close to the line of scrimmage. Vince Mays is ready to assume the FS spot and looked extremely pumped. The defensive line looks menacing. This unit could be the best in school history.

The team has today off, and will resume practice Wednesday afternoon at the practice field.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Pro Day Results


There were 26 teams represented, with a total of 50 NFL people, including position coaches from the Browns and the Buccaneers. It’s the start of a West Coast swing for scouts. The players ran outside on a wet grass field due to rain. The players were told that .05 would be subtracted from their times because of the poor conditions. Wind was not a factor.

Player Position Gil's comments

Jermaine Jamison WR Jamison (6-2½, 202)-
ran the 40 in 4.44 and 4.55. He had a 39½-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-6 long jump, a 4.09 short shuttle, a 11.17 long shuttle and 6.88 in the three-cone drill. He wasn’t invited to the Combine but was probably the biggest surprise to everyone there. He was a standout performer and the Chargers invited him to San Diego on April 11 and 12 when they bring in additional draft prospects.

Paul Pinegar QB- Pinegar did everything at the Combine but he worked out again. He was timed at 5.09 and 5.12 in the 40. He had a 32-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-3 long jump, a 4.46 short shuttle and 7.49 in the three-cone drill.

Wendell Mathis RB- Mathis had a 36½-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-11 long jump, an 11.25 long shuttle and 6.82 in the three-cone drill.

Tyrone Culver S- Culver was clocked at 4.63 and 4.60 in the 40. He had a 39½-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-9 long jump, a 4.35 short shuttle, a 7.25 three-cone drill and 23 benches.

Ray Washington CB- Washington ran 4.62 and 4.71 in the 40. He had a 40-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-4 long jump.

Adam Jennings WR- Jennings was clocked at 4.40 and 4.56.

Garrett McIntyre DE- McIntyre played defensive end in college but will probably be a linebacker in the NFL. He was timed at 4.87 and 4.76 in the 40 and had a 32½-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-8 long jump and 27 lifts.

Richard Marshall CB- Marshall was clocked at 4.47 and 4.45 in the 40. He had a 38½-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-5 long jump, a 4.37 short shuttle and an 11.32 long shuttle. He benched 13 times.

McIntyre's Take on Pro Day

Garrett McIntyre gave details about the Bulldog pro day on FSR 1340 with Kelly Carr. He stated that the day started at around 8 am with some questionaires inside the Duncan Building followed by height and weight measurements and the 225 lb bench press reps. McIntyre was disappointed that he and the players had to run on the "slushy" field, instead of the indoor soccer field next to the University. The players were practicing indoors and were expecting to run indoors in front of the scouts. He was told the "times" will be adjusted because of the field conditions. Many schools' athletes run on turf or even track surfaces which really enhance one's 40 time.

All the seniors, about 12 players McIntyre said, displayed their talents in front of NFL scouts from just about every team. He said he is projected as a 5th to 7th round pick, but all he wants is just a chance to make an NFL team. He said compared to other prospects, he has game film to back him up.

He was also asked, by Carr, about his younger brother, Justin, and said he was no longer on the team roster.

"He just wasn't feeling it anymore," McIntyre said.

Spring Ball Starts Today

The first official practice of 2006 will begin later today at the Valley Grower's Practice Field. More importantly, the South Valley Scrimmage will take place Saturday March 25 at Central Valley Christian in Visalia at 12 pm. I urge all Bulldog fans to attend.

More info on the first practice will be posted later in the day, check in for updates.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

2007 Recruiting Board

updated list of prospects
List of 2007 Prospects(*-offered)
Javario Burkes OL 6'6 320 Moon Valley HS(Phoenix, AZ)*
Alex Cabatic RB 6'0 220 Clovis East HS
Chris Carter LB 6'2 205 Kaiser HS(Fontana)

James Carter WR 5'11 169 4.46 Canyon Springs HS(Moreno Valley)
Justin Cheadle OL 6'5 240 Bakersfield HS*
Nicolas Grigsby RB/DB 5'11 175 4.51 St. Paul HS(Sante Fe Springs)
Jerrid Holland WR/S 6'0 185 4.55 Battle Mountain HS(NV)
Avery Horn RB 5'10 180 4.57 Hanford HS
Tim Lang QB 6'1 190 Grant HS(Sacramento)*
Ryan Matthews ATH 6'0 195 4.55 West HS(Bakersfield)*
Vince Pascoe FB/DT 6'1 230 Exeter HS
Romeo Pellum CB 5'11 165 4.6 Santa Fe HS(Santa Fe Springs)
Mark Rodgers RB 5'8 155 4.43 Leuzinger HS(Lawndale)
Philip Thomas CB/WR 6'1 180 Bakersfield HS*
Carter Todd WR 6'3 180 Merced HS
Logan Todd QB 6'3 210 4.9 Merced HS

Thursday, March 09, 2006


The wait is over! Bulldog football is back, well at least for spring practice. Monday March 13 is the first day of practice and the same day as the Bulldog pro day at the Duncan Building. The timing will be held at the practice field at 11 am. There are so many questions to be answered this spring, but 5 standout.

The Spring Game will be on April Fools Day at 11 am in Bulldog Stadium. At 8 am the University will hold an equipment and apparel sale in the White Parking Lot

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Young Named to Lombardi Watch List

Kyle Young was one of 43 named to the Lombardi Award preliminary Watch list early this week. Penn State All-American linebacker Paul Posluszny heads the list of for the 37th edition of the award given to the nation's top lineman/linebacker. Ohio State's A.J. Hawk won last year's award.

Young was one of only 3 Western Athletic Conference players named to the list. The others are Boise State linebacker Korey Hall and Hawaii offensive guard Samson Satele. Young is also one of six centers named to list, joining: USC's Ryan Kalil, West Virginia's Dan Mozes, Colorado's Mark Fenton, Arkansas State's Tanner Jenkins, and UCF's Cedric Gagne-Marcoux.

History is stacked against Young. The last offensive lineman to win the Lombardi Award was Ohio State tackle Orlando Pace, who won it back-to-back in 1995 and 1996. Only one center has ever won the Award, and that was Nebraska's Dave Rimington, arguably the best center ever to play college football. Rimington has an award in his namesake given to the nation's most outstanding center. The Rimington Trophy has been in existence since 2000, and Young most certainly will be named to its watch list when released.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5 Questions for Spring

1. Will the new offensive assistants mesh well?

Yes, but the last time Pat Hill had to replace for than one offensive assistant, Fresno State finished 5-6 including a 1-5 start back in 1998. The Bulldogs talent level is much better now, but Hill has to break in three new offensive assistants, offensive line coach, running back coach, and offensive coordinator.

Derek Frazier was a former Bulldog graduate assistant that worked with the offensive line. He is familiar with the scheme and the veteran players. His hiring was a no-brainer; the Bulldogs O line will not miss a beat, and will still be the premier unit in the WAC.

Tim Skipper’s was a college middle linebacker, under Hill, and a defensive coordinator at Sacramento State last year. But his father and brother are great pro and college running back coaches, respectively. With both Bryson Sumlin and Wendell Mathis leaving, the transition for Skipper will be tough if no clear cut, healthy back emerges in spring practice.

Steve Hagen has said Fresno State will be an “attack offense”, but Hill has been synonymous with running a conservative scheme. Something has to give. Under Andy Ludwig the offense used a single back multiple offense that utilized an H-back since there was little or no fullback depth. Under Frank Cignetti the fullback was brought back into the lineup, but tight end production decreased. Hagan ran a high-octane offense in the early to mid nineties at Nevada and UNLV, but a pedestrian one at Cal in the late nineties. What scheme will he run in 2006?

2. Is Dwayne Wright 100%?

Yes. Wright could have played last year, but was held out because he was not football ready, per se. The extra time makes him truly 100%, but it remains to be seen if he can pick up where he left off nearly two years ago.

3. Who will be the starting quarterback?

It is anybody’s’ guess. Sean Norton is the underdog. Ryan Colburn is the grayshirt that wowed the coaches during bowl practice. Tom Brandstater has been the heir apparent since 2004. Pat Hill has said it will be an open competition between the three, but it is Brandstater’s job to lose.

4. Who will take over Garrett McIntyre?

Depends, on what position one is speaking of. McIntyre was a better defensive tackle than he was a defensive end. Jason Shirley will now be able to occupy the middle with Louis Leonard. Former Pac 10 recruits Jason Roberts and Mike Stuart give the Bulldogs great size and speed, McIntyre lacked at defensive end. But do they have the motor that never quits? Someone has to pick the intensity and leadership McIntyre brought to the table, and Tyler Clutts just might be the one to fill the void.

5. Who will win the CB job opposite Marcus McCauley?

Lawrence Hood. Damon Jenkins has yet to wow anyone since arriving as a hot-shot recruit from De La Salle in 2003. Experience senior Elgin Simmons lacks the size and speed to be an effective starting cornerback. That leaves a host of young prospects with a shot to start along side McCauley. Hood is the best of that bunch and probably best young cornerback prospect since Richard Marshall.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

2007 Prospects

The 2006 recruiting class is just a month old, but it is never too early to talk 2007 recruiting. Fresh off of what many consider his best recruiting class, Pat Hill is poised to top his efforts with the 2007 class. released its California Top 40 for 2007, and 4 players are from Central California: CB Courtney Viney(Edison), OL Justin Cheadle(Bakersfield)[top right], DB Phillip Thomas(Bakersfield), and WR Carter Todd(Merced). Fresno State has reportedly offered all of them except Viney. Viney holds offers from Cal, UCLA, Washington State and Nebraska, but is interested in joining former teammate Johnny Sears at Michigan. He will likely take the route of other former All-Prep Tigers and leave the Valley. No harm, for every Ricky Manning there is a Aaron Miller.

Fresno State has also reportedly offered OL Javario Burkes out of Phoenix. Burkes is a monster and will likely be a 4-5 star recruit. Chris Carter is another standout that could be a coveted player out West. However, his brother David signed with UCLA and part of deal was to offer younger brother Chris in 2007. In Fresno State's favor Carter is working out with Bulldog recruit Lonyae Miller's father.

Quarterback will be a key position for Fresno State's 2007 class. Hill has stated that he will be looking for a QB that he could grayshirt in 2007. Logan Todd[at right] is a prototypical drop-back passer that can move. He is likely to sign wherever his brother, Carter, will sign. Cal and Oregon State are the early favorites . Tim Lang is a duel-threat QB, but will more than likely play another position in college. Lang has been offered already, but I doubt Hill will play him at QB. The last duel-threat QB Hill recruited, Nate Ray, was eventually moved to DB. I expect Hill to grab another under the radar QB that will fit into his system and that is willing to grayshirt.

The Valley is Hill's stopping ground and besides the three players listed in the top 40, there are a few under the radar guys: Alex Cabatic, Avery Horn, and Vince Pascoe. All-state underclass athlete Ryan Matthews will not go under the radar. Fresno State has reportedly offered, but his stock is going up, as are his offers.

List of 2007 Prospects(*-offered)
Chris Allen RB 5'7 154 4.68 Antioch HS
Ishmam Anderson RB 6'0 230 4.7 McCylmonds HS(Oakland)
Marcus Austin DT 6'3.5 270 Etiwanda HS
Chris Ball QB 6'2 205 4.5 San Diego HS
Erin Banks LB 6'2 175 4.86 Clovis East HS
John Barnett Jr. RB 5'10 180 4.45 Lakewood HS
Matthew Batie ILB 6'0 230 4.9 Cathedral HS(Los Angeles)
David Batts LB 6'1 185 Lynwood HS
Armon Binns WR 6'2 185 Pasadena HS
Brannon Brooks DB 5'9 161 4.65 Elk Grove HS
Vincent Brown WR 5'11 174 4.5 Rancho Cucamonga HS
C.J. Bryant OG 6'2 310 5.2 Grossmont CC(El Cajon)
Thomas Byrd OG 6-1 270 McClymonds HS(Oakland)
Alex Cabatic RB 6'0 220 Clovis East HS
Jordan Campbell CB 6'0 226 4.68 Norco HS
Mike Carpenter CB 5'11 185 Canby HS(Canby, OR)
Russell Carr WR 6'3 192 Lugo HS(Chino)
Chris Carter LB 6'2 205 Kaiser HS(Fontana)
James Carter WR 5'11 169 4.46 Canyon Springs HS(Moreno Valley)
Nate Carter LB 6'2 213 4.8 Las Vegas HS(LV, NV)
Micheal Chambers OL 6'3 260 5.1 Merced HS
Justin Cheadle OL 6'5 240 Bakersfield HS*
Ronnie Childs CB 5-9 165 4.5 Hoover Senior HS(San Diego)
Ryan Cloney QB 6'2 185 Thousand Oaks HS
Kyle Davidson OL 6'4 240 Merced HS
Dwayne Frampton WR 5'10 170 4.45 Dorsey HS(Los Angeles)*
Domonic Glover DE 6'3.5 230 5.13 Mission Viejo HS
Riordan Gomez OG 6'3 305 5.3 Case Grande HS(Petaluma)
Gino Gordon RB 5'10 185 4.5 Francis Parker HS(San Diego)
Nicolas Grigsby RB/DB 5'11 175 4.47 St. Paul HS(Sante Fe Springs)
Ryley Hegarty QB 6'3 200 4.9 Aztec HS(Aztec, NM)
Bryan Hillard RB 6'0 195 4.6 Elk Grove HS(Laguna Creek)
Jerrid Holland WR/S 6'0 185 4.55 Battle Mountain HS(NV)
D.J. Holt WR/DE 6'0 241 4.75 Crespi HS(Encino)
Avery Horn RB 5'10 180 4.5 Hanford HS*
Todd Huber C/DE 6'3 275 5.3 Peninsula HS(Palo Verdes Estes)
Duke Ihenacho S 6'1 200 4.55 Junipero Serra HS(Gardena)
Jeremy Jones CB 5'11 165 4.5 Cabrillo HS(Long Beach)
Michael Lee RB 5'6 151 4.7 St. Bonaventure HS(Ventura)*
Malachi Lewis ATH 6'3 215 4.31 Rio Mesa HS(Oxnard)*
Ryan Lindley QB 6'3 205 4.9 El Capitan HS(Lakeside)
Bryson Littlejohn LB 6'1 210 4.5 Laguna Creek HS(Elk Grove)
Taylor Malm WR 5'10 180 4.5 Thousand Oaks HS
Jory Mason OL 6'2 257 5.11 Buchanan HS(Clovis)
Ryan Matthews ATH 6'0 195 4.55 West HS(Bakersfield)*
Ahmed Mokhtar RB 6'0 215 Mather Dei HS(Santa Ana)
Jermel Mooreland RB 5'9 163 4.48 Diamond Bar
Jacob Moreno LB 6'1 185 Clovis East HS
Pete Murcada QB 6'2 195 St. Mary's HS(Stockton)
Kyler O'Neal LB/S 5'11 205 4.45 McClymonds HS(Oakland)
Bobby Parker WR 6'5.5 184 Scripps Ranch HS(San Diego)
Vince Pascoe FB/DT 6'1 230 Exeter HS
Romeo Pellum CB 5'11 165 4.6 Santa Fe HS(Santa Fe Springs)
Scott Ramirez MLB 6'0 225 4.8 Warren HS(Downey)
Mark Rodgers RB 5'8 155 4.43 Leuzinger HS(Lawndale)
Edward Russell RB 5'11 200 Franklin HS(Elk Grove)*
Josh Sanchez WR 5'10 160 4.4 Lakewood HS
Curtis Shaw WR 5'11 190 4.5 Lincoln HS(Stockton)
Jordan Tausaga OG 6'3 265 5.0 Western HS(Anaheim)
Garrett Turner RB 5'10 190 Merced HS
Jonquil Williams CB Chaparral HS(Temecula)
Lawrence Winston LB 6'2 215 4.6 Compton HS
Titus Young WR/CB 5'11 160 4.6 University HS(Los Angeles)

I list players from various sources. There are others not listed and some on this list that may be incorrect. It is very difficult to confirm these lists so early on. I will update it as the season wears on, and I welcome all input, corrections, updates, and etc.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NFL Combine Results: Marshall a First Rounder?

Many Bulldog fans, including myself, were doubting Junior cornerback Richard Marshall for leaving school early to enter the NFL draft. But Marshall may be having the last laugh. He is steadily moving up the draft boards, and there is speculation that the New England Patriots may select Marshall in the first round. just released it latest mock draft and have NE picking Marshall No. 21 overall.

Marshall was thought to be a late first day pick or early second day pick, 3rd-4th rounder, when he declared for the draft back in January. That made many make comparisons to former Bulldog James Sanders, who left for the NFL after his junior year, too. Sanders was selected in the 4th round by NE, but would have been a sure first day pick if he had stayed for his senior year. Marshall's decision to leave early has paid off, has Marshall rated as the 49th best prospect in the draft. That would equal a mid-second pick.

He had a very impressive performance at the NFL Combine. He stated to the media that he would become a sure first rounder after he ran the forty, and he didn't disappoint, running a 4.42. NE is in dire need of a cover corner and Marshall fits the bill, but NE may trade down or draft a linebacker, like Ohio State's Bobby Carpenter. However, it doesn't mean another NFL will not draft Marshall in the first round.

Bulldogs at the NFL Combine

Paul Pinegar ht. 6047 wt. n/a 40-5.21

Wendell Mathis ht. 5113 wt. 210 40-4.51

Adam Jennings ht. 5091 wt. 181 40-4.42

Richard Marshall ht. 5111 wt. 189 40-4.42

Mathis, Jennings, and Marshall all ran impressive 40 times, and only helped their draft status with their performance at the Combine.