Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Fresno State Faithful

by NSC

Every team in the nation has football fans. It does not matter if the team is Duke, Temple, or Florida A&M for that matter; they have fans that follow them whole heartedly. Although schools such as Temple have been dreadful for the last decade there are those fans that will never give up and are filled with eternal optimism towards their team. These are the fans that ignore the 1-11 seasons that Temple and Duke are known for having. These are the fans that will tailgate at the stadium regardless of who their team is playing. These are the fans that will walk away from a 56-0 blowout finding something positive that their team accomplished regardless of the loss. While it may not seem like it Fresno State does have fans that are exactly like these eternally optimistic fans. Whether you want to call them the kool-aid generation of fans is up to you. I tend to look at them as the Fresno State Faithful, those who will be in the Bulldogs corner regardless of what happens with the football program in 2007 and on.

Fresno State faces a tough season in 2007. As you all know 2008 does not look to be any easier with road games at UCLA, Toledo, and K-State. However, I am willing to bet there are a distinct group of fans that will turn out for every single home game regardless of what happens. I am willing to be there is that distinct group of fans who feel the Bulldogs may just upset that BCS school regardless if the Dogs are 1-4 or 4-1 at the time. To me that is what makes the Bulldog faithful so great. For every fan I know that is negative about this program there is a fan that can argue that the Dogs will be back to prominence sooner than later. For every post that I write about being realistic there is a post arguing that my realism is instead negative and I should take a lighter approach to how I feel about the Dogs in 2007. Sometimes I am bothered by responses that negate what I am trying to convey to you as fans, but when the argument is that I am being too negative it does not bother me in the least. I am happy to read replies that state other Bulldog fans are so passionate about the upcoming season and they feel I need to open my mind to the idea that we may be able to climb out of this hole that was opened up during the 2006 season. To see so many optimists makes me feel like we just may be able to turn it all around.

Does it matter if the optimists all end up being wrong about 2007? Does it matter if the Bulldog faithful are let down again throughout the course of the season? Well to those fair weather fans it will matter because we will not see them at the stadium again. To that I say good riddance and I am glad you will not attend another Bulldog home game. Fresno State needs faithful fans, not the type that will turn on you when times are tough. Being a Bulldog fan can be compared to a marriage at times. Although I am not married I do realize that marriage can be quite tough at times and you may even be let down by your significant other. But regardless of what happens you do not turn your back on your significant other, you stay there through thick and thin and make it work. Because you stay and make it work you are also pleasantly surprised at times by what your significant other will do for you and it is times such as these that make your drive to stay together all the more worth it. Fresno State at times does the very same thing to their fans. They let you down when they go on the road and drop a game against lowly Utah State. However, the Dogs also make you proud when they travel to stadiums such as Wisconsin and walk away with a victory. If you fight long enough eventually you will be rewarded and that is why it is worth it to stick around and watch the Bulldogs.

Fresno State football is a tough sport to love. However there are many of you out there that love this football team more than just about anything in your life. You will be there for the Bulldogs regardless of what our record in 2007 is. If the Dogs churn out another disappointing season you may show your displeasure but you will be right back here for 2008 feeling optimistic because a new season has begun. Most of my blogs concentrate on the Bulldogs football players and coaching. Very few of my blogs concentrate on the wonderful fans this university has. Today I feel like letting those faithful know that it is you that help make Bulldogs football so wonderful. Without you Bulldog football would just be another sport in the city of Fresno. With you Bulldog football is just another sport in Fresno. The only difference is you make it matter. Thank you for your time and dedication to this football team, one day you will all be rewarded with a wonderful season, if for no other reason than because you all deserve it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unrealistic Expectations?

by NSC

Yesterday I talked about how winning seven games would be a strong year for Fresno State with respect to the 2007 football season. I have come to find out that many of you feel that setting a goal of seven wins is unjust. While I can see why so many fans feel we will win ten to twelve games I have to interject here because I am not saying I think we will seven games because that is what I want. Instead I am saying that we will win seven to eight games because I am looking at the talent of this team and that is exactly what I see. Spring practice went well; I will not put down how much fun it looked like the team had during the spring. But there is one glaring weakness that we cannot ignore: The QB position.

Many of you make very good points as to why expecting seven wins is unfathomable for the Fresno State Bulldogs football program. However do keep in mind that in 2006 this team won just four games. At the same time remember that in the last sixteen games this team has gone 4-12. I think that sometimes we forget just how bad the last year and a half has gone for this football team and that is why the expectations remain astronomical. Tom Brandstater is still our starting QB and up until now he has done very little to solidify himself as the man to lead this team. Instead of having a great amount of faith in him we generally question Tom and if he can get the job done. The problem here is not that I have reservations about Brandstater, but instead that after watching spring ball I do not see Colburn as an improvement at this point in time. Because Colburn has relatively no game experience all I can do is go off of what I saw when he played in the scrimmages and I cannot say I generally fell in love with his game. So here I sit thinking about how many games this team will win in 2007 and I cannot push myself to think ten is a reasonable amount, not with the QB play that we have seen over the last year. However, I will agree with one of our frequent posters on the board (Arx) in saying that if Brandstater can improve his game play and give us an improved effort week after week this team will win more then seven games. But you have to remember that I am going off of my impressions of what I have actually seen, not what I hope will happen with the team.

With that being said I will not belittle anyone who feels this team should win nine to ten games. If those are your goals for this team then to you they are not unrealistic. I just feel that if you set these lofty goals for a team that is not quite ready to take that step you will end up disappointed when all is said and done with. I realize that many of you feel like Pat Hill has to do his best coaching job of his life to win many of the fans back. But you have to realize Hill can do a wonderful coaching job and this team can still lose at least five games. What will you as fans do if we go into a place like Texas A&M and throw the ball forty times only to lose 38-35? What will you do as fans if the very same thing happens the week after at Oregon but you see that the offense is clicking 100%? We could very well lose both of these games but look amazing on offense. If we lose five games but our offense is firing on all cylinders does that become Pat’s fault or is it our defense’s fault and do we shift our blame from the offense to the defense? Are we still upset because Hill is not getting the job done? In 2001 we lost back to back games against Boise and Hawaii but it was not because of our offense. Does everyone on the board feel like both of those losses lay completely with Pat? I am just wondering where you will put the blame if we do indeed end up seeing five losses on our record at the end of the season.

Many of you are right when you say five losses will not fill the seats at Bulldog stadium, but that is because Fresno fans are generally all or nothing fans. As I said earlier it is quite possible this team can play great football and see five losses on their record at the end of the season. The schedule is difficult to say the least and unless the Bulldogs play lights out every week they will inevitably lose a game. As I said before I am not going to fault someone for feeling like this team should win at least nine games. Before 2006 that is what this team had led us to expect every year and if you feel we are right back to where we were in 2004 then that is your opinion. However, this team right now is no better than the 2005 team we put on the field and that team finished the season 8-5. That to me is one of the main reasons I feel 7-5 is a reasonable expectation. Whether I am right or wrong for believing that doesn’t matter in the end. All that matters is that Fresno State steps on the field, performs their very best, and completely proves me wrong.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is Seven Wins Enough? (Inspired by Steve Burns)

by NSC

4-8. For many of us that is hard to look at. Those numbers represent what the Bulldogs accomplished in 2006. You would have to travel all the way back to 1996 to find a season that could be considered as abysmal as 2006 was for the Bulldogs (In 1996 the Dogs finished 4-7). As Fresno State fans we have become accustomed to eight win seasons and a bowl game appearance. But the question here is: Are we over shooting what this team’s goal should be in 2007? Many view the Dogs 4-8 record as an unusual occurrence, one that does not truly reflect the talent of the team during the 2006 season. I however do not agree with this assessment. Personally Fresno State was not a .500 team last year and that is why they finished at 4-8. I realize one play here or there changes the entire complexion of the season, but isn’t that how every season goes? Can’t you go back to every season and say “Well if we don’t do this, we win this game?” So I refuse to use our mistakes against both Washington and Oregon as a barometer for 2006. Instead I truly feel that team was no better than a 6-6 team at best. With that being said I truly believe expecting seven wins in 2007 is exactly what we should be doing as fans and here is why.

If you take a look at college football you will see that teams generally do not have a 4-8 season followed by a ten win season. While it does happen it is rare to say the least. Instead you will see that a team generally increases their win total modestly year by year until they become a dominant force in the college football world. To better understand this let’s take a look at a few teams who have risen to the upper ranks over the past few seasons:

Boise State

1997: 4-7 Record
1998: 6-5 Record
1999: 10-3 Record

Now I realize these were the years that Boise played in the Big West but as you can see they increased their win total by two games in 1998 and then made the jump to a ten win season in 1999. As we all know from here on Boise won at least eight games for the next seven seasons and look to increase that total to eight straight seasons with at least eight wins in 2007.


2004: 4-7 Record
2005: 7-5 Record
2006: 11-2 Record

Rutgers becomes the example that Fresno State should do their best to follow. In 2005 Rutgers increased their win total from four to seven games and followed that with an eleven win season. A team once viewed as the laughingstock of college football the Scarlet Knights are now one of the top teams in the Big East, if not the nation. They are proof that anything is possible as long as you are patient as a team and willing to build upon your success year by year.

Obviously not every team is going to follow this pattern. In 2005 Hawaii finished the season 5-7 but followed that with an 11-3 record in 2006. An increase of six wins in a season is tough to accomplish but the Warriors were able to do so. However, there is a glaring difference between many of these teams that make the jump to ten wins and Fresno State: Scheduling. Fresno State often schedules one of the hardest non-conferences in the nation. Hawaii on the other hand tends to play all but one of their non-conference games at home. We have already taken a look at the way Boise State schedules and most understand that Utah made their unprecedented run in 2004 with an average schedule at best. So where does this leave Fresno State in 2007?

If the Bulldogs were to win ten games as many have predicted they would have to win three of the following games: @ A&M, @ Oregon, @Hawaii, Kansas State, or Boise State. Remember that is saying that Fresno State wins the other games I have not mentioned without any problems and when is the last time the Dogs went an entire season without losing to a team they should have beaten? A more realistic goal to set for the Bulldogs would be seven wins as the schedule does not favor them in 2007. Chances are the Dogs will slip up against a team they shouldn’t lose to. At the same time the Dogs will probably upset someone along the way as they always seem to every season. If that happens and Fresno State loses the tough road games 7-5 is a completely respectable record for this team. This will allow the Dogs to grow as a team and set them up for a very tough 2008 season that could offer more promise than one may realize. In the end it is great to have high hopes for this team in 2007. There is nothing wrong with pushing for the very best out of the Bulldogs football team, but do realize this team may not be ready to make that big jump yet. It is possible that they may win seven games and to me that is more than enough after the 2006 season this team experienced.

What are your thoughts as Bulldog fans? I want to know not only what you expect in the win loss column but also why. What leads you to believe the Dogs should finish where you have them?

Friday, May 25, 2007

2007: A Make or Break Season

by NSC

I was going to write about the financial situation the Bulldogs football team is currently experiencing but a thread on the BarkBoard changed my mind. Today I actually wonder what would happen to this football program if it were to experience another sub .500 season. I know I would continue to attend the Bulldog games as would many other fans but I am quite sure a decent amount of fans would quickly disappear. I cannot blame Bulldog fans for giving up hope because I know that many of you feel let down by the way the Bulldogs have played since the loss to USC. But what ramifications would another losing season have on this program? Would the Bulldogs begin a pattern of losing for years to come or would it just be another down year with much hope for 2008?

First and foremost 2007 will be one of the more important years with respect to Bulldog football. The Bulldogs football team directly affects the financial situation of the athletic department. If the Bulldogs can go out and perform at a high level and fill the stands then the athletic department will have much less to worry about when it comes to finances. However, if Fresno State once again limps their way to another 4-8 or 5-7 season we will see much of the same problems that we have during this past off-season. Questions once again will arise concerning the football program and the direction we are headed. Brandstater’s ability once again will be questioned. Truthfully if we experience another losing season everyone on this team will be questioned. No longer will this just be a QB problem but instead a team problem. Fans will wonder about the coaching and if those in charge of the football team are getting all they can out of their players. But the one question that will most certainly be asked is: Will Pat Hill be our coach in 2008?

In years past I could have never pictured this team without Pat Hill running it. Pat Hill to me took over this team and ran with it. He began to lead Fresno State to a place in the football world that we had not experienced for many years. However, two back to back sub .500 seasons would most certainly spell Pat Hill of his coaching duties. Although he has great ties to the city of Fresno Hill would not be viewed as a man who could lead this team to victory. Instead many of us would question Hill as the coach of this team. Many of us would worry that Hill has lost his bite as our coach and the players may not be buying into Hill’s message anymore. Unfortunately this has become a situation that is possible and we may have to deal with in the near future. I believe the Bulldogs will have a much better 2007 season than they did in 2006. But in the back of my mind I wonder what is going to happen if this team travels to Oregon and A&M and comes away with a loss in both games. Fresno State over the years has not responded well to losses as this can be seen with last year’s team. If the Dogs lose early it is possible that they will continue that trend throughout the season. Truthfully I do not feel this will happen in 2007 though.

2007 is shaping up to be one of the more important seasons in Bulldog football history. If the Dogs do not perform at a higher level than they did last season we may see a large amount of changes in the off-season. Pat Hill has a contract that runs either up to or through the 2010 season I believe. If Fresno State cannot afford to fire Hill they may very well step in and tell him that he has to change the direction this team is headed. Of course this blog will be all for naught if the Bulldogs can come out and win seven to eight games. Improving three to four wins from last season would be a huge boost for this team as they head into the 2008 season. What will happen in 2007? Will Fresno State rebound and show us that they are the team we remember that always put up a fight and gave every team their all on the schedule or will the Dogs revert back to 2006 where they made one mistake after another? I am willing to bet we are going to see much more of the first option than the second one. One losing season was enough for this football program and those who decide to skip out on the 2007 season will be missing the rebirth of the Bulldogs football program. Honestly, that is something I do not want to miss.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Beau Sweeney Dilemma

by NSC

Over the past week Beau Sweeney has been one of the more discussed topics in the Bulldog world of football. Some of us feel like Beau Sweeney is a talent that Fresno State let get away while others feel that Sweeney never showed any interest in Fresno State in the first place so why go after him. There have been various posts that have covered the Beau Sweeney dilemma and I feel like I want to throw my two cents in on the subject.

Sweeney is an outstanding high school QB. He has many of the tools that a college football team would most certainly be able to utilize. Sweeney throws the middle 15-20 yard route just about as good as any high school QB I have ever seen (Aside J.J. Jelmini, his arm was unreal). Sweeney is fast, can break outside on a run if he needs to and knows how to use both his vision and his speed to find his way out of trouble. However, Sweeney is not a wonder kid by any stretch of the imagination. Sweeney plays on a team that features the run first. Matt Jelmini ran for over 2,000 yards this past season which takes a huge amount of pressure off of Sweeney when he is playing QB. In the only game this past season where Jelmini was not a factor (against Clovis East in the championship) Sweeney looked flustered on almost every single play. When opposing teams put pressure on Sweeney he does not seem to know whether to throw the ball or to sit back and wait. While Sweeney is a talent at the QB position he is just like every other young kid on the field and must learn quite a bit more before he will be proficient at the college football level.

With respect to recruiting Sweeney I believe there is much more going on behind the scenes than many of us know. Of course I do not know this for a fact but I am willing to bet Hill thought long and hard about recruiting Sweeney. On one hand you are going to try and attract a local kid which makes many of us in Fresno happy. At the same time a local kid would help involve the communities of both Fresno and Clovis that much more because they would feel a close connection with the QB on the field. But you have to consider the other side of the coin when talking about recruiting Sweeney. As many of us know Hill and Jim Sweeney do not share the same views on how to run a football team. Sweeney loved the offensive side of the ball and often threw the ball downfield more times than many of us could count in a game. Hill is the anti-Sweeney as he leads with the run. If Sweeney steps in at QB and Hill decides to run the ball more often than he throws what kind of criticism would that open Hill up to with respect to the media and the Sweeney family? While this may not be a good reason for leaving Sweeney off of the recruiting list it may be one of the reasons that Hill decided not to go after Sweeney.

What many of us have to realize is coaches recruit QB’s that tend to fit their program. Maybe Hill did not feel Sweeney fit the Fresno State program. Maybe Hill did not think Sweeney was the right fit for the Bulldog football team. Whatever the reasons the important thing we as Fresno State fans have to accept is that Sweeney will not be playing at Fresno State. From all accounts (including Sweeney’s father Kevin) Beau has no interest in playing for Fresno State anyway. As a Bulldog fan I would have loved to see Beau Sweeney in this program but if he does not want to be here then I have no desire to have him out there on Bulldog field. I would rather we recruit players such as Jerry Davis or Byron Campbell (I believe that is his name) because they have much more desire to play for the hometown Bulldogs. Sweeney will be a good college QB I am sure of that. But do remember there are plenty of good high school QB’s out there and just because we lost Sweeney does not mean we lost out on every solid QB in the valley. If you want to see how good Davis from Edison is when compared to Sweeney check out the Clovis West-Edison game this season. You will see that we may just get that outstanding QB prospect we need to turn the program around and his name won’t be Sweeney.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is Pat to Blame for Sweeney Flying the Coup?

The naysayers are going to be coming out on talking about Hill let Beau Sweeney get away. Then the Hill supporters will spout off about Sweeney never wanted to attend Fresno State. But who really knows?

But I can say without a doubt, Coach Hill did not recruit Sweeney as hard as the BCS schools that offered. In a few years, we'll see who was right, Sweeney can be a starter at Cal or be riding the pine. And whoever Hill recruits at QB in 08 could be a stud or a flop.

Move on, time to turn our attention to Jerry Davis...

NSC is Back and He Asks...Are We Just Another WAC Member Now?

by NSC

Yesterday I was listening to the Paul Swearingen show as they were talking about Fresno State and where the football program stands when compared to the rest of the WAC. One caller said he wanted to move out of Fresno because the Bulldog football team had become a mediocre member of a mediocre conference. The question that needs to be asked here is: Is Fresno State Just Another WAC Member?

I realize that 2006 was a tough season for the Bulldogs and those who followed the squad. Injuries, poor coaching, poor execution, and the overall drive of the Bulldog team were just a few of the many reasons this team failed to celebrate victory week after week. As Bulldog fans we have become accustomed to eight-nine win seasons and a bowl game each year. 2006 left us wanting more as we were thoroughly disappointed not only with the results of the season but also with the efforts of the players both on and off the field. But there is something here that is more important than one season of failure. There is something that may exist now that would push Fresno State much further back with respect to the football program than any of us could have imagined. Fresno State may now just be another WAC member instead of a WAC leader.

I read some posts the other day about the new WAC prospectus which was recently released. The prospectus used to be a Bulldog haven with respect to information about Fresno State and the upcoming season. The 2007 prospectus seems to consider the Bulldogs an afterthought. Instead the focus now lies on both Hawaii and Boise State as many feel those will be the two teams to carry this conference in the near future. I am here to say this is not true. I am here to say that Fresno State will return to prominence and it will happen sooner than later. The QB position is rough right now but in the near future that will be fixed through Faulkner, Colburn, Brandstater, or maybe even Jerry Davis of Edison. The defense is going to improve ten fold over the course of 2007. While our D-line remains suspect the secondary will be much improved this season. In the near future Travis Brown may become a Bulldog and if that happens he is going to be one of the biggest recruits to ever step on Bulldog field. Our special teams will become a weapon once again with the addition of Devon Wylie to the kick return game. As I said before the Bulldogs will be back and it will happen much sooner than anyone outside of Fresno thinks it will.

Pat Hill has been a hard-headed coach for most of his career at Fresno State. He has done things his way because he has felt that leads to a successful team on the field. However, 2007 looks to be different. Hill may not change 100% but he has lightened up a bit. Hill has allowed a more open offense as was showcased at the Spring game. If Brandstater and Colburn use the summer to improve their game I have a feeling the passing game is going to be opened up far more than we have seen in the past two seasons. In the end Fresno State is not just another WAC member. We have the highest athletic department budget in the WAC and in the future the football team will bring in much more revenue. By 2008 this team will once again be a player nationally, just give it some time. As Bulldog fans you need to believe in this team as opposed to putting them down and giving up on them. The players on this team need support just as every one of us does when times are tough. Just remember Bulldog football is the life of our sports programs here at State and without them we may not have half the sports we do today. Fresno State will carry the WAC once again, and as I stated it will be much sooner than later we just need to believe in the Dogs and where they are headed.

Note – Tomorrow I want to talk about the football program and whether Fresno State should be putting more money into football as opposed to the other sports being run at Fresno State. I have some ideas on it that I think we can all talk about.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Elite 11 Introduces New Carr for '09

Fresno State is recruiting a quarterback for 2008 but 2009 has to be on the coaches minds, especially with David Carr's little brother lighting it up in Texas. He had his moments Friday night at the Elite 11 Regional Camp in Berkeley but Class of 2008 Clovis West QB Beau Sweeney really stood out, getting three offers that night. Read more on Sweeney's offers at

Another stud for 2008 is Edison QB Jerry Davis. He was just as impressive if not more Friday and Saturday, check out some video from the Stanford Nike Camp at

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring Review: Running Backs

Replacing record setting back Dwayne Wright was supposed to be one of the biggest storylines of spring 2007. However, the Bulldog rushing attack looked solid throughout spring -- thanks in part to great offensive line play.

Sophomores Lonyae Miller and Anthony Harding played last season as true freshmen. Each was expected to battle to replace Wright this spring. Miller emerged as the starter after Harding went down the first week of spring with an injury. Harding did return the last week of spring but it was little to late...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walk On RB Coming Aboard?

RB Lamon Muldrow from Cordova HS in Rancho Cordova (Calif.) was a Sacramento all-city selection after rushing for over 2,300 yards in 2006. He was getting looks from a host of schools out West and had two offers but has not signed a letter of intent...

read the rest and check out his 2006 highlights at

Muldrow is expected to walk on this fall.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Go To Reciever

Fresno State has a recieving core that may be the deepest in overall ability and talent. Something we have not really seen here in Fresno. I cant recall the last time we had a team that had 6 recievers that could bust a play at any moment during a game. I believe that this is what we will have as just one of our weapons on offense. With the experienced Chastin West leading the way to the inexperienced Darren Newborne, they will have the speed and the hands to be the go to reciever. So the question is, which one of them will step up and be the main man? They all have the ability to do so.

Spring Review: Quarterbacks

Fresno State was the last Division I-A school to start spring football practice (April 9) and concluded May 1. The Bulldogs pushed back spring ball to lengthen their strength and conditioning program. The philosophy worked. The ‘Dogs looked great and escaped with no major injuries. will breakdown the key position battles that took place and what to expect in the fall.

The top storyline heading into and out of spring 2006 was the quarterback position. Tom Brandstater was the starter in 2006 and after a subpar season at the helm, he entered spring 2007 as the detested incumbent by many Bulldog fans. Again, the quarterback position was the big storyline of spring. Did he do enough this spring erase the bad memories of 2006?


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring Football Slide Show

Spring Football has been officially over for a week. The FSFB put together this slideshow of various practices during the three week session. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fresno State Quarterback: Tom Brandstater

He has gone from the backup to Pinegar, to the next Pinegar, if not worse in some fans eye's.

I believe 2007 will be the year Tom Brandstater returns to playing the way he would, when Pinegar was here and we had a 30 point lead. Free, loose, and excited to be on the field. He has the supporting cast around him to do so. Now all he needs is the support from the fans and the Valley.

May I ask one favor of the Valley? .... When Sac State comes in to town, and we are ready to hit the gridiron for the first time in 2007, let's let Tommy know that he has our support. And we are fully confident in his ability to bring back the pride of the Valley and surge into a great season.

Fresno State Thought He Was Too Small...

Woodland (Calif.) LB Kyle Gallagher wanted to go to Fresno State or Oregon to play college football but neither offered him a scholarship. The Bulldogs offered him a chance to walk on but he declined and he in turn signed with Utah State.

The Daily Democrat writes:

Fresno State wanted him to come as a walk-on. He declined.

"They said I was too small. That's pretty much what everyone said. I want to show 'em I can play up there."

Obviously, they under-estimated his heart. At times, he single-handedly carried the Wolves' defense last fall.

Fresno State signed only one linebacker this past class, Austin Raphael. Chris Carter and Kyle Knox are slated to play on the line and Raphael may even be moved to H-back, he played fullback in high school.

I don't believe Fresno State was snubbing Gallagher but in truth the 'Dogs were recruiting few linebackers. And for the first time ever, Fresno State is expected to have the full 85 scholarship players enrolled this fall.

I'm sure if one of the "big-name" four-star guys, Jordan Campbell or D.J. Holt, would have committed the coaches would have made some room. But no disrespect to Gallagher, he just didn't have the tangibles to be part of the 2007 class.

At least he is not another Valley kid on a vendetta to prove Coach Pat Hill wrong and play his best game vs. the Bulldogs. However, Gallagher will get his chance to play in Bulldog Stadium November 3. He expects to play this season as a true and Bulldog fans will get to see if Gallagher was good enough to be a Bulldog. He might want to seek some payback for not being offered a scholarship but at least he is not facing his hometown team.

Roosevelt Cooks and Quinn Harris, come to mind when I think of Valley linebackers signing with other WAC schools and having a chip on their shoulder when it came to playing Fresno State. Although Cooks and Harris may have had good games against the Bulldogs, overall neither would have started for Fresno State.

Cooks (5-10, 215) and Harris (6-3, 200) both signed in 2004. Cooks with Nevada as a JUCO from FCC via Yosemite HS in Oakhurst and Harris with Louisiana Tech from Redwood HS in Visalia. FS already had sophomores Dwayne Andrews at MLB and Alan Goodwin at SLB. And super redshirt frosh Marcus Riley at WLB. Not too mention redshirt Ahijah Lane riding the pine.

Fresno State only signed one LB in 2004 and that was Ryan McKinley, who was an all-state linebacker from Nevada. McKinley has been a solid contributor and will back up Lane this season at MLB.

Good Luck to Gallagher but Coach Hill is a great evaluator of talent. If Gallagher really wanted to be a Bulldog he would have walked on and earned a scholarship. Buchanan center Jory Mason was rated one of the top OL prospects in California by but didn't sign this past February. Instead of signing with a team he doesn't care for, he just might walk on at Fresno State?

Top DL Interested in Fresno State

Standout Leuzinger (Calif.) prospect Ottis Jones’ stock is rising after performing well in various camps, including the Combine at the Home Depot Center. caught up with him in Carson. Fresno State is among the schools contacting Jones; he is shown in action during the 2006 season...

read the story and watch the highlight video at

FS coaches were scheduled to visit Jones at his Lawndale high school last week.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Los Banos FB Favors 'Dogs

Los Banos (Calif.) FB/LB Casey Cotta had a strong showing at the San Francisco Combine April 28. But he is still waiting to get noticed. Only one of his favorites has had any contact with him...

read the rest at

Cotta favors Fresno State but is still waiting for the Bulldogs to contact him.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Long Beach Poly Interview...

Check out what Long Beach Poly CB Jeffrey Johnson had to say about his day at the 2007 SoCal Combine at the Home Depot Center.

Johnson is friends with 2007 Bulldog signee Isaiah Green and 2007 recruit Kenny Rowe, who signed with Oregon. Fresno State had a pipeline under former Coach Jim Sweeney of signing LBP defensive backs, Marquez Pope and Omar Stoutmire to name a few. Coach Pat Hill has not quite had the same success.

Coach Hill signed Ray Washington out of LBP in 2001 and did sign TE Jeremy Johnson a few years earlier. But with Green and maybe Johnson the word about Fresno State is abuzz again at Poly.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dwayne Wright at Buffalo Rumblings

The FSFB hooked up with the Buffalo Bills blog, Buffalo Rumblings, and answered some questions about future Bill Dwayne Wright.

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2007 SoCal Combine attended the 2007 SoCal Combine at the Home Depot Center in Carson on Sunday. Over 300 of the top high school prospects in the West were on hand for what it is arguably the top combine in the nation.

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I will post some general video from the combine through YouTube later this week or early next.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


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Meanwhile, I will post short entries to links to stories on or on the web.

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