Sunday, November 20, 2005



Pat Hill does not believe in moral victories, but if there was such a thing the Bulldogs won the biggest one ever in college football history. Fresno State hung toe to toe with best team in the country for four quarters, and nearly sent the game into overtime.

Some will complain about Pinegar's interceptions, but the Bulldogs still had their chances to win despite the turnovers. That's what makes this game so frustrating; the Bulldogs took USC's best shot and still stood tall.

If Fresno State does not stay put or move up in the polls, I do not know what to say about the poll system. The game did not finish until after 2am ET, so I bet most voters tuned out after USC scored their third touchdown to take a 34-21 lead in the third quarter.

This game was one of the best of the year, but too bad most of the nation was sound asleep before halftime.

Two final words, Reggie Bush!

Just hand the boy the Heisman already!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Fresno State should move up in the polls. I watched most of the game and you guys looked great. I was really pulling for you to win. I'm a LSU fan in Baton Rouge, LA. We would have appreaciated your help. Good Game.

kal said...

What a game indeed. I am a huge football fan from Michigan. Just met a guy from CA & started to follow teams from the west coast. Both teams and the league have a new fan. Sorry, but I fell asleep. I'll try to stay sober & focused or nap between games the rest of the season.

GatorDog said...

I'm a Fresno alum living in Gainesville FL. I love that we are gaining respect after the game. Thank you for all of your kind words it really makes me feel great to be a Bulldog fan in the heart of Gato country. Go Dogs win the WAC.

Anonymous said...

Bulldogs turn it over 5 times (including twice in the endzone) and still score 6 TDs on USC ... in USC's own house!

hellova game ... go dogs! i'd love to see USC/Fresno State play a home/home series maybe every other year (i.e. 2007 @usc, 2009 @fresno etc)

Randy From Fresno said...

At a neutral site with neutral officials Bulldogs win by a touchdown. In Fresno the Bulldogs win by two touchdowns. Fresno got completely homered in Oregon earlier this year and as classy as Pat Hill and his team is you heard no complaint about the officiating. Recently a head Pac-10 reveiw official admitted that several bad calls and/or no calls went against the Bulldogs in the Oregon game. He then made the excuse that the officials were spread thin that week with 9 Pac-10 home games and promissed that this week's game wasn't going to be the same. That this game with USC would be a well officiating game. Well, you probably won't hear it from the Bulldog coaching staff or from any of the players, but I am just a fan so I can say it. We got homered once again. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist or a whiner, but USC got lots of help from the officials and from our turnover's and still barely pulled it out. At least Oregon has the class and respects the Bulldogs enough to agree to come to Fresno next year. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for USC to humble themselves so much as to pay a visit to Bulldog Stadium in the near future.