Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pat Hill Looks, Talks, and Acts like a Hillbilly...WTF?

Ims gointa shut me sum Trojan.

Why is that former citizens of the Valley have to go out of their way to put down the very place they called home. The latest idiot is Mr. Doug Krikorian of the Long Beach Press Telegram. His Fresno hardly raisin' my fancy is just a rant about how Pat Hill looks, talks, and acts like a hillbilly(literally says this) and Fresno is the armpit of the world because there is nothing to do there.

Mr. Krikorian is from Fowler, about 10 miles south of Fresno, and has not been living in the Valley since 1966. He says he is proud to not call the Valley his home anymore, but has the nerve to mention LA Times writer Mark Arax as a person who left LA to come back to Fresno, not to mention his note about William Saroyan.

I have met Mark Arax and he is a class guy, who lives in my neck of the woods northwest Fresno. Mr. Krikorian your about twice Arax's age, put down Fresno, but you only write for the Long Beach Press Telegram. You probably have written better work for bigger media sources, but I do not give a shit.

Do you put the Irish-Catholics down when Notre Dame comes to town? How bout the Islanders when Hawaii visited the Coliseum two years ago? I am sure this article was written to just stir the pot, but this is some old news. Fresno has changed, and there are a whole lot of LA and Bay Area transplants that call the Valley their home.

I am glad you do not reside in the Valley anymore, and just remember the next piece of fruit or vegetable you bite into, its from the Central Valley.

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BossNBunka said...

thas right! if you can't take the heat then get your ass out the valley!!!

valley luv forever.

go dogs,

los angeles, ca