Tuesday, November 15, 2005

25 Years of Great Football

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Bulldog Stadium. Next week after all the USC hype is over, I will put together an all-Fresno State Bulldog Stadium team and a list of the biggest games, biggest upsets, best moments, and etc.

So please send in your comments, nominations, suggestions, or any feedback you believe would be vital to this all-time team and list. I was in preschool when the Stadium opened, and my first game was not until the 1982 Cal Bowl.

Heck, I was six-year old Keith Byers and Ohio State fan in the early 1980's. For what reason I can not recall, but I am not much of a Buckeye fan these days.

All-time Bulldog Stadium stuff coming next week.......


Jimm said...

I'll mention personal experiences at Bulldog Stadium:

Best moment: Fresno State comeback in California Bowl, capped off by 2 point conversion for the win, with Jeff Tedford at quarterback, and Stephone Paige torching opposition.

Worst moment: 1992 collapse against Washington State, when we were up something like 3 or 4 touchdowns going into 2nd half and Drew Bledsoe torched us in the 2nd half (Dilfer's junior year).

2nd worst moment: cops taking my keg in the parking lot (for being underage)

mdg said...

I agree the 1982 Cal Bowl was something special. The 1992 game with Washington State was still a very good game, even in a loss. It was one of the greatest games played on that field.

Worst moment for me was the 2001 loss to Boise State. It does not get much worse than that.