Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bring it On

Don't you wish every coach in America had Pete Carroll's mentality. If college coaches did, mega non-conference games would be the norm, and the Texas Tech pussies of the world would not exist. This is from the Bothell Herald:

Bring it on: Never let it be said that top-ranked USC tries to avoid a challenge. The Trojans plays out of conference this week, hosting No. 16 Fresno State. USC coach Pete Carroll says he used to believe that allowing your team to play easier opponents to pad your record was beneficial, but he's changed his mind.

"The way we look at it, we've got to play great football every week, no matter what," Carroll said. "The challenges help us. ... There's no challenge we're not up for and we feel we can't handle."

1 comment:

Jimm said...

Pete Carroll rocks. Love his attitude. But, then again, what else can he say at this point? He's not going to say he wishes they weren't playing us. Still, whatever his real thoughts, I love his public defense of this game.