Wednesday, November 16, 2005

55-10, CSTV Sucks!

That is one prediction from the "gurus" on CSTV's Crystal Ball preview show airing as I type. Specifically, it was from Greg Amsinger. What an idiot. USC has only held Cal to such a low point output, and Fresno State's offense is better than the Bears.

Amsinger is a poor man's Chris Fowler, with about 1/100th of Fowler's knowledge. He looks and acts like the Ryan Seacrest of college football television. If I didn't know any better. I would think he was a Trojan alum, but he is a 2001 graduate of Lindenwood University. Which is a NAIA school in Missouri. WTF? 55-10. USC will not beat Fresno State by 45 points, and the Trojan defense will not hold the Bulldogs to 10 points. If you are going to predict such a score as 55-10, give your analysis Amsinger. Just don't blurt it out like your predicting a Texas Tech-Indiana State game.

Then another idiot, Brian Curtis, jumps on board and says Fresno State will lose by 35 to 40 points. Curtis is a Virginia alum, I guess he didn't catch the Bulldogs putting 37 points on a very good Wahoo defense last year. But, the offense is much better this year, and the Fresno State defense is the best in the Pat Hill era.

It is evident that neither of these dumbshits watched any film or did any research and are just putting Fresno State in the same class as Washington State and Cal. Whatever, at least Brian Jones and Ray Lucas had some sense to say it will be a much closer game and a good test for USC.

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Byron Greene said...

Your right they are idiot's. I haven't even heard of these morons. I think USC will win but it should be a great game. Who are they and where do get there expert knowledge from, watching Varsity Blues over and over.