Friday, November 18, 2005

From CBS: USC will get Beaten Up

By Dennis DoddCBS Senior Writer

The Fresno Factor: Here's what most people don't know -- Fresno State is as tough as L.A. is la-la. That's why, win or lose, USC will come out of Saturday beaten up.


Bulldogs coach Pat Hill is famous for his biker look (Fu Manchu mustache, trucker hat) and hard-nosed teams. Perhaps he made his chops as an assistant for Bill Belichick the year Cleveland announced its move to Baltimore.

Here's the Gospel According to Pat: Coaches' cars were turned over in the municipal stadium parking lot. They needed police escorts to get from the press box to the locker room and, oh yeah, Art Modell is a great person.

"I like Art Modell," he said this week. "Cleveland got their new stadium and Baltimore got their team back. But you had to have a fall guy. I think Art Modell is a great person."

That should go over well in Cleveland. In L.A., the Bulldogs should take this one into the fourth quarter. We mean it. This is the biggest game in Fresno history. Part of the reason the Coliseum is a sell-out is because thousands of fans are coming from the Central Valley.

"I'd love to play the California schools every week," Hill said. "Soon they'll start thinking they've got something to gain from playing us."

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Anonymous said...

It's about time some one started gving the DOGS some props. Go Dogs!