Friday, November 18, 2005

Bing Your Out

USC strong safety Darnell Bing is one of the best in the nation at his position. The hard-hitting Bing will have a huge responsibility containing Fresno State tailbacks Wendell Mathis and Bryson Sumlin. Bing will be the best strong safety Fresno State has faced since James Sanders last year in practice.

Like Sanders, Bing will likely leave early for the NFL, but would like nothing more than shut up the 'Dogs. Fresno State needs to neutralize his presence on defense if they are going to have any to pull out the win.


Anonymous said...

this blog is simply awesome. does anyone know where dog fans will be hanging out tonite in LA?! go dogs!!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for weeks...simply awesome. I don't even go to or the fresnobee site anymore. It's all right here, how I want to see it...leavin for LA now, wanted to say thanks! GO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

mdg said...

FS alum and fans will be hanging out in Old Town Pasadena, check the Fresno State News link on the sidebar for all the detail