Monday, November 21, 2005

Is Independence the Only Way to Glory?

After reading just about every recap and recollection of Saturday's epic game; it is funny that SI's Stewart Mandel's was the most interesting. It made me think of the old college football days when and if Fresno State was an independent what teams or bowl could be possible after such a historic effort in the Coliseum. Unlike some college football idiot analysts (Brian Curtis), Mandel saw that USC was not flat but playing against a tough quality opponent. Here is the best paragraph from the story:

The game, more than any other in recent memory, made me long for the old days of no "BCS" and "non-BCS" distinctions, when bowls weren't locked into certain conferences. If this were 1985, not 2005, Fresno State would not be playing in the WAC with Utah State and Idaho. It would be an independent, not unlike Florida State once was, free to play games like these nearly every week and eligible for more glamorous postseason destinations than the Liberty or Hawaii bowls.

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