Thursday, November 24, 2005

All-Fresno State Bulldog Stadium Team

Last week Bulldog Stadium turned 25 years old. It has seen its share of great players here is my all-time Bulldog team of the last 25 years. A player must have played at least one year in Bulldog Stadium to qualify.

Three of the players on this team are still active. Ironically, the 1987 team has six players on this team, the most of any year. It had three seniors, one junior, but the two underclassman were future all-Americans Ron Cox and James Williams. The 1987 squad went a disappointing 6-5; the two previous years the Bulldogs were a combined 20-2-1.


WR- Henry Ellard 1979-82
WR- Charlie Jones 1992-95
TE- Craig Jones 1987-88
T- Logan Mankins 2001-04
T- Mike Withycombe 1986-87
C- Kyle Young* 2003-
G- Melvin Johnson 1989-91
G- Barry Grove 1984-85
QB- David Carr 1997-01
RB- Ron Rivers 1989-93
RB- Aaron Craver 1989-90
FB- Lorenzo Neal 1990-92
AP- Bernard Berrian 1999-03


DE- Jethro Franklin 1986-87
DT- Alan Harper 1998-01
NT- Zack Rix 1989-92
DE- Garrett McIntyre* 2002-05
LB- Ron Cox 1987-89
LB- Tim Skipper 1996-00
LB- Orlando Huff 1999-00
CB- James Williams 1986-89
CB- Richard Marshall* 2003-
SS- Steve Cordle 1980-81
FS- Marquez Pope 1988-91


PK- Barry Belli 1984-87
P- Mike Mancini 1983-85
KR- David Dunn 1993-94
PR- Stephan Baker 1985-86

*still active

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