Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just One of Many...

bloggers, media, and college football fans giving Fresno State their due:

3. A comment sure to piss off people. I offer this: there is no reason why Notre Dame should be ranked ahead of Fresno State. The Bulldogs played USC just as tough, and at USC instead of at home (on a waterbed to slow down the Trojans). Fresno State's other loss was by 3 at Top 10 Oregon, not a 5-6 team at home. Fresno State hasn't had a single other close game. Other than Michigan, the rest of ND's schedule isn't that great. If ND gets ranked high because of their loss to USC, Fresno State deserves the same. Of course, ND is assumed to be in the BCS, while Fresno State will be lucky to stay in the Top 25.

from The Corporate Headquarters of the San Antonio Gunslingers

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pankleb said...

As a U of Oregon fan who attended that game, I agree. The Bulldogs gave the Ducks all they could handle.