Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Get Off The Couch and Go To the Game"

Steve Koreivo is my idol, he is thee ultimate college football fan. The ultimate College Football Fan will be in Fresno this Saturday to catch the Spartans and the Bulldogs. Koreivo is on a quest to see every Division I-A team in person and Fresno State and San Jose State are numbers 102 and 103 on his list. His story and ambition was a feature in the 2005 Lindy's College Football Preview. Why, when and how can all be found on his website,

What would inspire someone to do this feat that has not been done before. I consider myself a huge college football fan, but I can count the number of teams east of the Mississippi that I have seen live on two hands.

"In 2000, I realized I had seen over half the teams and since I looked over that upcoming year's schedule with the possibility of seeing 7 new ones, I decided to make it a goal to "see 'em all" , and it looks like I'm going to make it," Koreivo said.

Koreivo lives in northern New Jersey, and has always been a huge college football fan. He played Navy 150's in the 70's before transferring to Juniata College in Pennsylvania, where he destroyed his knee playing club lacrosse to get in shape for football season.

After graduating from college, he hooked up with a Penn Stater back home, and both got into the Nittany Lion club in the early '80s to be season ticket holders. He has been a Penn State fan and season ticket holder since. Between there, college games at the New Jersey Meadowlands and planning trips to games where he had friends or relatives, Koreivo started planning weekends to go to a game wherever possible.

"What started out as a favorite pastime when I first got out of college has turned into a desire to do this crazy thing I do weekly," he said.

"I'm lucky I have my family's support. I drive them crazy enough the rest of the year coaching rec basketball and little league baseball."

As you can imagine it is not cheap to travel every week to catch a college football game.

"It's a lot of fun. I travel economically as possible," Koreivo said.

This weekend, for instance, he is using frequent flyer miles and is staying with his brother-in-law's family, who happened to have an almond farm near Fresno. See its true, everybody know's somebody who lives in or near Fresburg.

His brother-in-law's nephew is a Fresno State alum and has season tickets. Koreivo, his brother-in-law and family are even getting together to tailgate before the game.

"If you see a guy wearing a white mesh Penn State jersey (over red), that'll be me," said Koreivo.

Bulldog fans if you see Steve hanging out at Bulldog Stadium give him a holler and welcome him to the best gameday atmosphere on the West Coast.

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