Monday, November 14, 2005

McIntyre WAC Defensive Player of the Week

Garrett McIntyre was named the Western Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week. Fresno State should have swept the offensive award too, but I guess the WAC did not want to give both the awards to Fresno State. Paul Williams 98 yard touchdown reception, alone, should have earned him the WAC Offensive POW. Williams was nominated but finished behind Nevada running back B.J. Mitchell.

Fresno State has had a player earn a WAC POW award every week the Bulldogs have been in action, except for one. The muddy, rain soaked game at New Mexico State was that game, but running backs Bryson Sumlin and Wendell Mathis did gain over 100 yards, a piece, rushing in that game.

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Jimm said...

McIntyre will be key to generating enough pressure to force some mistakes from Leinart.

I've put up a blog just for this game, called The Big Game - Fresno State v. USC.