Wednesday, November 30, 2005

'Dogs Dinged in Blogpoll

After posting a season high ranking of 15th in last week's Blogpoll, Fresno State tumbled nine spots in this weeks Blogpoll. Losing to Nevada is not looked upon well among college football bloggers/fans. This poll is a true reflection on how the average diehard college football fan views Fresno State.

Being the homer I am, I ranked the Bulldogs 18th on my ballot this week, down from 11th last week. But it still wasn't the highest rank Fresno State received, someone voted them 14th .

Fresno State should make a big jump if they beat Louisiana Tech soundly. A lot of blogpoll voters were disgusted with Fresno State's performance because it made them look bad for voting the Bulldogs so high the week before.

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