Monday, November 28, 2005

Time to Let It Go

The Bulldogs lost to lowly Nevada, deal with it and let it go. Fresno State can beat up on Louisiana Tech Saturday, get some payback for last year's loss, and subsequently win a share of the Western Athletic Conference title. Then march on to Memphis, clean up against a Conference USA team and finish ranked in the top 20 to end the season.

The Bulldogs still remained in the polls, which is a major surprise. I guess many around the country were expecting a letdown, exactly what happened, and were kind to the Bulldogs. Nevada played their best game of the year and Fresno State their worst, and the Bulldogs still almost pulled out a win.

Great teams find ways to win. Just how USC dug deep and found a way to match the Bulldogs intensity and pull out the win last week. Fresno State was unable to match the Wolfpack's emotion and effort.

This week is not going to be easy either. Louisiana Tech would like nothing more than to eliminate Fresno State from WAC title contention, and improve their own bowl resume in the process with a win. This will be third time in five years Fresno State has faced Louisiana Tech, while ranked in the top 25.

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