Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rain, Rain Go Away

Watching this game is already a chore, but the fact that Fresno State can not do anything on offense in the rain makes it more unbearable. The run game is gaining some yards, but the Bulldogs are not dominating. Fresno State has had short fields all night, but have been forced to kick three fields. Bulldog fans should be happy Stitser is a sure footed kicker, otherwise New Mexico State would be one big play away from tying the game up in the third quarter.

It seems the coaching staff realizes the Aggies are not much of a threat. The Bulldogs are in ultra complacency mode. Using the ground game to end this game quickly and without risk of injury.

Hopefully, the rain is what is causing the passing game to look two steps slow. Pinegar is playing good, but the rain is not allowing the backs or receivers to make the cuts and break this game open.

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