Monday, October 31, 2005

Fresno State Breaks Into BCS Rankings

The Bulldogs are ranked for the first time ever in the Bowl Championship Series Rankings (PDF)at No. 24. Fresno State still is getting no love from the computers, only one computer poll(Wolfe) had the Bulldogs among its top 25 teams. Leaving the Bulldogs unranked in the average computer rankings. However, of the six computer rankings used, the highest and lowest are thrown out.

Oklahoma comes in at 25th in the BCS rankings despite being 32nd in the polls, but a remarkable 21st in the average computer rankings. I thought the polls were the overwhelming factor in the BCS rankings?

Besides the Bulldogs, only No. 23 Cal and No. 20 Auburn were unranked in the average computer rankings and received only one ranking among the six computers, as well.

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