Monday, October 10, 2005

Bowl Scenarios

It is only October 10, Fresno State is 3-1, but it is never too early to talk possible bowl bids.

The WAC has two bowl tie-ins, the MPC Computers Bowl in Boise and the Hawaii Bowl. The WAC also has a clause to be selected in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, but the WAC must select a MAC team to play in either Boise or Hawaii. My projected ACC opponent in Boise is Maryland and in Hawaii its Southern Mississsippi. In the GMAC I project UAB.

I projected all other bowl games on my other blog MDG CFB, and I predicted Fresno State to play TCU in the Las Vegas Bowl. Many conferences will not have enough bowl eligible teams. I project the Pac 10 to have 6 bowl eligible teams, but I project two will go the BCS, USC and UCLA(maybe Oregon the Ducks could finish 10-1). Oregon State will be the 6th and final Pac 10 team. Since the tie-ins will be bumped one spot with two teams in the BCS, the Beavers will be slotted to play in Vegas.

I expect WAC commissioner Karl Benson to work some magic($$) with the Pac 10 and have the conference move OSU down to the Pac 10 6th slot in the Emerald Bowl. That would free up the LV Bowl to host two projected top 25 conference champs in Fresno State and TCU. Its a stretch, but its October.

If that scenario falls through, I project the Houston Bowl and Independence Bowl will slots open due to the SEC not having enough bowl eligible teams. The Liberty and Poinsettia Bowls still have at large spots, but I expect the Liberty Bowl will try to go East or Midwest with a ACC or Big 12 team. The Poinsettia Bowl likes Navy. The Middie's national following will bring 25,000 plus even if they are playing a 6-5 MWC team.

In Houston or the Independence the projected opponents are Oklahoma and Nebraska respectively, but could be Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State or Kansas.

If Fresno State is stuck with having to play in Hawaii or Boise, my choice is Boise, again. The opponent will an ACC team either, Maryland, NC State, or Georgia Tech. Hawaii would be great destination, but the opponent, more than likely, is going to be a 7-4 or 6-5 CUSA team.

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