Monday, October 24, 2005

Now its Time for the BCS

The Harris Interactive Poll (PDF) released its rankings yesterday, and Fresno State makes its first appearance ever at 24th. The Bulldogs rose to 22nd in the AP, and moved back into the USA Today Coaches at 24th.

The BCS rankings will be released later today. Fresno State has never been ranked in the BCS standings since its inception in 1998. However, Fresno State was ranked in the BCS top 25 back in 2001, but the BCS only released the top 15 officially back then.

What will hurt the Bulldogs is the computers. Since the formula's must exclude margin of victory, Fresno State is at a disadvantage. For example, Jeff Sargarin has the Bulldogs ranked 28th in his latest ratings, but only 35th in the Elo-Chess, which is used for the BCS.

The Elo-Chess ratings are Sagarin's ratings minus margin of victory.

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