Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fresno State Ranked 7th in the Nation

In Mike Greenfield's latest college football power ratings, the Bulldogs come in at No. 7. Fresno State ranks behind USC, Texas, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Texas Tech and Georgia, respectively.

Where does everyone else on Fresno State's schedule rank in Greenfield's ratings? Only Division I-A teams are ranked, therefore, Weber State does not have a ranking.

Weber State: NA
Oregon: 4
Toledo: 28
NMSU: 113
Utah St: 107
Idaho: 110
Hawaii: 96
SJSU: 114
Boise St: 43
USC: 1
Nevada: 88
La Tech: 93

Greenfield's ratings is just one of 95 different rating systems used in the College Football Ranking Comparison. Fresno State has an average rank of 26th , with a high of 7th in Greenfield's and a low of 49th in the Ashburn-Colvert college football ratings.

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Jim Ashburn said...

For the record, our ratings (, formerly Ashburn-Colvert) weren't too far off the mark by the time the season ended.