Saturday, October 15, 2005


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It is the first and only home game for Fresno State in the month of October. Which in my opinion is the best month to watch a football game. In September the hot summer nights are still around, and come November the fog and cold start to roll in. October by far is the best month, not only weather wise but season wise, too.

October is the month of league games. It is the time when the conference race starts to shake itself out. The Bulldog's four games in October are all conference games with three on the road. Fresno State should not need any homecooking to get to 4-0 in the WAC before November.

Scroll down to see my Utah State preview, and check out the Fresno Bee's David White's game preview.

NCAA 06 Prediction

According to Sony Playstation's NCAA 06, Fresno State falls behind to the Aggies 10-7 at the start of the 2nd quarter. Then, Paul Pinegar takes over. Pinegar throws for three touchdowns in the second quarter, as the Bulldogs take a 28-10 lead at the half.

Bryson Sumlin runs for five touchdowns in the second half and over 200 yards for the game, en route to a Fresno State 63-24 win.

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