Friday, August 18, 2006

SI top 10 players from non-BCS conferences

I don't know if anyone has read it yet but CNNSI released their top 10 players from non-BCS conferences today. Kyle Young is represented on the list at #3 but the problem here is Marcus McCauley is not represented anywhere. I think the problem is when they concentrate on the best players they always talk about the skilled positions such as the qb, rb, or wide receiver. Honestly is there any team in the nation that would not want Marcus McCauley at corner? On the plus side CNNSI thinks both Fresno and Boise will go 7-1 in conference tying for the conference crown. I don't know who they are predicting Boise to lose to but I would like to see that prediction. Boise has lost one conference game over the past four seasons and that was to Fresno. We will have to see how the season plays out. I am just suprised that McCauley is not in the top 10. He very easily should be a top 10 non-BCS conference player.

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