Friday, August 18, 2006

Fresno Gets No Love From the Media (AP Top 25)...

As it shouldn't, right? No team, that loses four games to end the season, with numerous questions marks on offense and defense, has no business being ranked in any preseason top 25, let alone the preseason AP poll, right?

Believe what you want, but Fresno State didn't get one vote from from any AP voter in the 2006 preseason AP Poll. The media still has a hard on for Boise State. The Broncos are "ranked" 30th with 23 votes. BSU is not the 30th best team in the nation, and I am surprised to see any AP voters rank BSU after their performance last season against good teams. I guess some voters still vote on where they think a team will finish, instead of how good it looks heading into the season. BSU has a cakewalk of a schedule, 10-2 is likely, but this team has some huge question marks that few know about.

If BYU, UTEP, Tulsa and N. Illinois are getting votes then Fresno State should have gotten at least one "idiot" to rank FS in his top 25. Hell, even 3-8 Arizona got a vote, however, the Wildcats will be much improved this year.

But who in the **** ranked Ole Miss in his top 25? That team will win seven games at best against a weak non-conference slate, and that is only if Robert Schaeffer is eligible and lives up to his hype.

It is so freakin funny how many media members are making such a big deal about the 2006 FS team losing Paul Pinegar and Wendell Mathis, among others. I have been a pro-Norton guy since he signed back in 2004, but Brandstater is just as good per se, and either will make many forget about Pinegar. Do I really need to explain myself about Dwayne Wright? Mathis was good, but can't compare to Mr. Wright's skills.

There isn't a "poll" released to link to, but this is how the preseason AP poll looks

  1. Ohio State
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Texas
  4. Auburn
  5. West Virginia
  6. Southern Cal
  7. Florida
  8. LSU
  9. California
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Florida State
  12. Miami
  13. Louisville
  14. Michigan
  15. Georgia
  16. Iowa
  17. Virginia Tech
  18. Clemson
  19. Penn State
  20. Nebraska
  21. Oregon
  22. TCU
  23. Tennessee
  24. Arizona State
  25. Texas Tech

"Others Receiving Votes": Alabama 141, Utah 52, Boston College 41, Georgia Tech 39, Boise State 23, Arkansas 18, Wisconsin 18, South Carolina 15, Tulsa 11, Texas A&M 10, UTEP 4, Brigham Young 4, Purdue 4, Iowa State 3, Northern Illinois 3, OLE MISS 3, Michigan State 2, Arizona 1.


Anonymous said...

No Love, good. Just the way we should like it. If we deserve a top 25 ranking then it will be there by week 7 when we enter Death Valley at 6-0.

Anything less than 6-0 and we probably don't deserve it anyway. Only Oregon provides any real substance in the first half of the season. Sure Nevada and Colorado State have some weapons but those wins will attract little attention. Washington has some name value but does not appear to be much of a threat to anyone in the Pac-10.

And we have to be honest that all the goodwill that was built following USC last year quickly evaporated in those three ugly losses. One can hardly blame the media for some skepticism.

As for Boise, they do seem to get a lot of credit for not much production outside the WAC. Apparently an embarassing loss to Georgia is easier for writers to understand than a close decision to La. Tech.

mdg said...

FS will crack the top 25 with big wins over Nevada and Oregon, as long as the Ducks don't stumble against Stanford to start the season.

Anonymous said...

Top 25 or not, the Bulldog faithful should come out in force on September 1. It will be a huge ugly disappointment if the fans stay home and don't attend. I am flying in from North Carolina to see the Oregon game and will be attending the LSU game as well.

Come on Fresno! Back your team. Get to the game.