Monday, August 28, 2006

Brandstater Will Start vs. Nevada

Now contrary to what people may think, I don't feel like it's a bad decision to start Tom Brandstater. Brandstater does have a very strong arm and does know the offense with this being his third year in the system. I don't worry that Tom can't get the job done. I mean last year and the year prior how often did the fans yell "Tommy" when Pinegar struggled? This is where I worry. Pat Hill is a hard headed coach and sticks with his ideas for far too long at times. I am not going to blame the offense over the past few years on Hill, that was Cignetti's doing and as most of you know he has since moved on to North Carolina. Poor North Carolina, they are going to see how great it is to run the ball on first and second down every time regardless of how many yards are needed.

I just hope that this season if we have struggles at quarterback, that Hill does not hesitate to put Norton in. Norton is very close with respect to talent and can play quarterback as well. This is not like the Tom Brandstater-Paul Pinegar situation where the backup did not have the knowledge to get the job done. This time around the backup has plenty of knowledge to get in there and help us out. In a perfect world Brandstater will make me look like an idiot and play amazingly. I am hoping that is what happens but do not know how well Brandstater will perform under the gun. But Tom is our starter and I will support him for as long as he plays quarterback at Fresno State. Four more days until the first game, and finally we know who our starting quarterback will be.


Anonymous said...

SN, SN, SN, Mario get over it. GO DOGS.

mdg said...

Get over what? I didn't write this entry, check again! But yeah I did prefer Norton, but that doesn't mean I don't like Brandstater or expect him to tank any games.

Go Dogs!

NSC said...

Yeah, this article was all me. I am pro Norton, but as MDG said I am not looking to ride Brandstater out of town. I just wan tto make sure the right guy is in there to give the Dogs a chance to win. The more i review Nevada the more I feel like it wont matter who starts, we are going to win regardless. Yes i am the one reviewing the game on this blog, NSC. So if you have any questions go ahead and ask, I welcome all thoughts and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Norton's record at Hart High was impressive. The young man is competive as they come and plays with a lot of heart. He is accurate and can make things happen on the run. Brandstater is prototypical in size but just might lack the accuracy required at this point in his collegiate career.