Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday' Wrapup by fsufever

Fresno State Football - Monday Morning Practice

Punt Returns

It was interesting to see that #6, Chastin West was the best Punt Returner today. He showed great speed and moves on every return. He was followed closely by Joe Fernandez, #84 and the others that participated were Ciccone 87, ? 28, Jenkins 25 and Fairmon 18. As Practice goes on they will do Punt Returns for longer periods as they will combine this with Special Teams and may try other Players for this very important part of the game.

On a Drill that they do having 7 Players go down to block and squeeze down on a single Punt Returner it was amazing to see Joe Fernandez go through the whole line with only one person barely grazing his jersey.

Running Backs and Fullbacks

The RB’s in the present line-up looks like this.

#32 Dwayne Wright

#27 Rich Owens

#25 Shannon Dorsey

The FB’s look like this.

#26 Roshon Vercher

#40 Nate Adams - These two are

#44 Frank Padilla - close to a tie right now.

#48 Reynard Camp

Frank Padilla got sick early in the Practice today and was taken off in a cart about 10:00 am. and didn’t return. Throwing up and dizzy and who knows why?

Lonyae Miller worked out only with the new guys and not with the Varsity today. I still believe that Pat Hill will suit him up for the first games and if he doesn’t have to use him he will then Redshirt him. At this early time of Practice he is still lost but he certainly seems to have the physical ability to help us out if we really need him. Anthony Harding hasn’t had time enough to show what he can do but I just had a minute to talk to him, Kyle Duffy and Jamaal Rashad today and they were the same type of nice men that Pat Hill seems to recruit all the time. They all showed speed and promise but I would have to bet the farm on Redshirts.

De La Rosa told me today that he was going to Grayshirt this year and tries to put on some size for next season. I think he can help us as Running and Receiving in 2-3 years.

I still have not seen Andrew Jones or Kyle Richards and they might be gone also. Jones was a RB and Richards was a FB and both looked like promising walk-ons from last year..

QB Situation

I think we’re just spinning our wheels talking about these guys for another two weeks. No matter what we or I might think Pat Hill will make that decision when the time comes. Today, it appeared that Norton looked better in Drills and Brandstater looked better in the Scrimmage. It's not quite fair to judge the Scrimmage because so far only Brandstater has worked with the first string and that definitely makes a difference. The reason for Norton sometimes running out of the pocket isn't because he has happy feet, it's because he doesn't have the blocking in front of him.

The good news is that I believe both Players will improve our passing stats but we’ll have to wait to see if both Players or perhaps only one can handle the mental part as well.


Someone asked about Mark Roberts from Modesto and how he looked. I talked to him Saturday when he still had not checked into school and he was nervous, but ready. Today he was in Uniform but he was a few minutes late onto the field and Kerry Locklin let him stand around for several anxious minutes before talking to him. Mark Roberts is a big kid and looks like he can go bigger. They have him listed at 275 but looks bigger than that and hopefully will be our next big stopper on the DL.

Riley got involved in a few strength drills today but no agility drills. He, Clifton Smith and Seyi Ajirotutu again did slow to ¾ speed runs today and I’m not sure that any of them will be ready for the first or maybe not even the second game of the season
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