Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lewis Update:It is not official Yet, but He Wants to Come Back Home

You see, ESPN 1430 has jumped the gun again. Lewis has yet to be released from his commitment at Miami, as reported by the Fresno Bee.

Although, it is likely Miami will release him from his scholarship, coach Larry Coker is not obligated to. And if Coker does so, Pat Hill would still have to offer Lewis a scholarship.

Pat Hill would welcome Lewis back with open arms, but I guarantee he will not offer Lewis a scholarship. He will have to walk on just like Wendell Mathis had to in 2003, unless other arrangements have been made. Hill can not comment on Lewis until he signs. But he doesn't have too many scholarships to go around, and Hill is a stand up guy, who sticks to his guns.

Lewis very well maybe a Bulldog, but it is far from being official.

It's one thing to say Lewis wants to come back home, but we must wait and see, as it was supposedly "just" a rumor last week. But it is totally different to say Lewis is transferring to Fresno State, when he has yet to be released from his scholarship at Miami. At least that is the impression ESPN 1430 gave Bulldog fans who were quick to post their .02 on message boards.

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