Friday, August 18, 2006

fsufever's Storied Prediction.....

What if the Nevada Pistol offense shreds the stout Bulldog defense? What if the starting quarterback goes down early in the game?

These scenarios are just some of the things to worry about in the season opener against Nevada. fsufever more than covers these and others in his storied prediction of what may happen September 1, 2006. His account of what fictional announcers may say about the game with just seconds to play.........(keep in mind folks this is just for Bulldog fans' amusement)

Fresno State vs. Nevada September 1, 2006

“Welcome back Fans to this remarkable game between the Wolf Pack of Nevada and the Fresno State Bulldogs.

Jim Tyme here, along with Lucious Fields at the opening game of the 2006 Football Season.

Lucious, take it away and set the stage on the monumental events taking place here and now”.

“OK, Jim and we’ve got a Daddy pounding, Mama screaming, dog’s barking first alarm fire going here. We’ve got a back home fight of a game here, which Fresno State is trying to pull out of that fire right now!

The Wolfpack came in here with, what the Fresno fans call “a peashooter offense” and that “peashooter offense” has scorched the Bulldogs up for a score of 34 to 14 in the first half.

Coach Ault of the Wolfpack isn’t in the Coaches Hall of Fame for nothin’ Jim. That man can coach! And lets be honest here Jim, there were a few questionable happenings, particularly in the second quarter when Tommy Brandstater was hit well after the play was over.

That was, well, I hate to say malicious, but it was definitely something that neither Coach didn’t like anymore that this packed Stadium did. Coach Ault from Nevada snatched that boy out of the game like a boy grabs a biscuit.

I sure hope Tommy’s all right, and look Jim, there’s Brandstater, Brandstater’s back on the sidelines with ice bags on his shoulder and neck. He just couldn’t stay away. He may be hurting but he wants to watch the last 56 seconds of this game.

And I’ll tell you Jim, that things changed when Sean Norton came into the game, he might not be as big as some on the outside, but he’s got the same sized skills, as he does heart on the inside.

The Defense has settled down and held Nevada to 3 field goals in the second half and Norton’s brought the Dogs back now to 43-38 and they have the ball on Nevada’s 6 yard line, on 3rd and goal and trailin’ by 5 humongous points.

Each team has one timeout with 56 seconds remaining in the game”.

“OK, thanks Lucious.

Well, here we go, what a start to the season, Fresno has surely worked hard on this comeback and doesn’t want it to end like the USC game. That was a heartbreaker! Against anybody but Reggie Bush and that would have been a W. That was the best game that I’ve seen in years.”

“That’s right Jim, I’d pay to see that game again and I’ve never paid to see a game in my life.”

“Ha, Ha, Lucious, you’re something. OK they’re coming to the line and Nevada has been loading up in the center and although Wright has picked up some nice runs they’ve got 3rd and 6 yards left, and they may decide to pass.

Man, that’s going to be a tough decision, Wait, what’s happening here. Look, Lucious they’ve moved Kyle Young to right guard. That’s 330 lbs of Giant and he’s next to Denham at 315 lbs.

Now then, with Vercher at 245….wait, hold on, Nevada has taken their last time out.

Well, Lucious, I guess Coach Ault had some second thoughts here.”

“That’s right, Jim. With Young at a probable weight of somewhere between 330 and 340 and Denham at 315 and with Roshon Vercher at 245 of the toughest pounds I’ve seen in a long time and then Dwayne Wright following them at 230 lbs.

Uhn, uhn, those boys might move that pile.”

“That’s right Lucious and with two downs to score in and plenty of time Nevada has a problem.

OK, here we go, the teams are up to the line and you know the Coaches told them that anybody that moves or creates a penalty may just as well turn in their Uniform.

The Dogs go into the same lineup but look at Nevada; they are loaded heavy, they have everybody stacked up except for a LB and the right safety. Here they go, oh Nellie, look at that! The whole line is stacked up; the crowd is so loud I can’t hear anything.

Fresno State definitely moved the down line forward. I don’t think they scored though; it doesn’t look like they scored. I don’t see any sign by the Officials. Folks, they are just peeling them off, well, kiss old Rose, look at that, there are 19 players piled up there, everybody except the LB, the Safety and of course its no place for Sean Norton, he just backed off.

No, they’re short, they’re short. They didn’t make it. Oh, the crowd got quiet but now listen to them. They’ve been like that the whole time. I can’t hear a thing! Now the Dogs are just outside the 2 yard line.

Oh, Nellie, one play and 36 seconds left. Norton is asking for quiet and the crowd hushes instantly. They line up and the clock ticks down to 22 seconds and wait, Norton calls a timeout. What a shock.

This whole Crowd of 41,032 was anticipating the play and now everyone’s looking at each other. What do you think Lucious?”

“Well, Jim I believe that Vercher was limping back to the huddle and at the last second Sean Norton thought this was much too important to take a chance with an injured man.”

“OK thanks, Lucious lets look at that replay and, you’re right! I can see now that Vercher was limping and apparently Norton did too. Good call Lucious! Looks like they’re bringing in Frank Padilla, he’s lacking experience but the team must have confidence in him.

They’re hitting him on the back and yelling encouragement. What a way to get your first big time experience! OK, they’re coming up to the line.

4th and goal and a long 2 with 22 seconds to go.

Fresno State made 4 yards on the first carry with 9 of the Nevada players jumping on the pile. It wouldn’t surprise me if Coach Ault also put the other two players on the pile this time. This game could be the WAC Championship, a BCS Bowl, and an undefeated season for either team.

Wait a second, wait a second, Norton went over to Young and Denham and put one hand on each of their shoulders and kind of hugged them. Now, he’s back hitting fists with Padilla.

Now folks, he just high-fived Wright. Man, that guy is cool. In a position like this, with this tension, can you believe it? What a Ballgame!

Norton is behind center and looking over the defense, he’s barking signals and he hands off to Wright and all heck is breaking loose, look at Wright following Young, pushing, straining, forcing his way forward, and every player of Nevada’s is pushing hard and fighting back and I don’t think, it doesn’t look like Fresno State made it.

And now, it looks like Norton has been hurt! He’s bending over holding his stomach and now he’s walking to the far outside official.

Its dead quiet, now, not a whisper from these Fans. They’re still un-piling the players but I don’t believe Fresno made it. Yes, they are short.

What a game! What heartbreak for these loyal fans, the famous Red Wave. But the Team gave them their all!

Wait, what’s the crowd saying? What’s the crowd saying? Can you make it out Lucious?”

“Yes Jim, Yes, Yes, I can. Norton still has the ball. Norton still has the ball. Fresno has won! Fresno has won!”

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