Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fresno State Football Blog

I realize MDG has done an outstanding job running the Football blog here. Since he is moving on I will do my best to keep it going as well as I can. I am sure MDG will still be posting here but hopefully FSUFever and I can keep this thing going. Like MDG said if there is anyone else who has thoughts or ideas on what will make this blog better overall just send us a note and we will take everything into consideration. By the way only 9 days until the first game so Dog fans show up in full force. For as long as we have been waiting for this season to start the least we can do is attempt to fill the stadium to the max. Go Dogs and I hope to see all of you out there next Friday to cheer on the Dogs as we take down Nevada. I will have the game preview posted early next week just so everyone knows.

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SJAS said...

Congrats (or condolences) to Mario for taking over the Bark Board, and to NSC and fsufever for taking over here. You guys have got some shoes to fill, but I believe you all are up to the challenge. Good luck to all. And Go Dogs!!