Sunday, August 06, 2006

Departed 'Dogs

fsufever mentioned there are about 20 players from last year's team that were not at the start of the 2006 fall practice for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons and the possible impact they may have on this season. NOTE- Cornell Banks is practicing .

Carlson, Christian LB- Fresno Bee reported he transferred to Portland State. He has been buried on the depth chart for years, and was not going to see the field too much backing up Dwayne Andrews in 2006.

Cooper, Kevin OG- Cooper had to give up football due to career ending injury. He graduated in June and was awarded the prestigious President's Award.

Graham, Maurice TE- a 6'4 300 lb project, that was years away from contributing.

Hood, Lawrence DB- Supposedly, he was to return this fall after sitting out 2005. His loss hurts an already suspect CB spot.

Huss, Jason FS- Huss was listed as junior last year, but was a senior. His loss hurts somewhat, as he was an experienced safety.

McIntyre, Justin DE- "According" to his big bro, he didn't have the desire to play Bulldog football anymore.

Messick, Adam DT- Messick graduated, and decided not to return to the team despite having a year of eligibility remaining.

Miller, Ricky DT- Miller left the team and transferred to a IAA school. No doubt, he was talented, but in reality could have been regulated to special team play, once again, as a senior.

Packard, Devin DL- Packard was a DE that was moved to DT. He didn't have a great spring and needed to put on another 20-30 lbs to be an effective player.

Paulk, James OL- He was not in shape in spring, and sat out the last two weeks of spring over transfer issues. He loss in not a big deal, as many will make it out to be. He also transferred to a IAA school.

Peters, Kreig RB- Peters absence is a huge mystery. He said in spring he would be ready to go in the fall, and his teammates were expecting to see him in August, as well, during summer workouts. His loss is the biggest in my opinion, especially, if Clifton Smith is not 100% by September and Miller comes along slower than expected.

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