Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Workouts: fsufever's take

Let’s get real, if you don’t “Volunteer” to participate in the Summer Workouts you won’t be starting or possibly even playing second string. The first three years Coach Hill was here there was not full participation, but the team learned that you better be out there working! Each day is outlined with certain practice requirements similar to Spring and Fall Practice and each day has weight lifting included (which is why some of these kids pick up 20-30 pounds of muscle between Spring Training and Football Season). The big difference is they cannot have coaching ,as such, by Pat Hill’s staff.

The Seniors and Juniors have gone through these training exercises for 3-5 years and each drill is worked on in a very knowledgeable manner. There is certainly a more relaxed atmosphere during these drills, but the fights last longer without the coaches to stop them. There is almost no horseplay and there is peer pressure to perform well.

I’m not aware that they have to get approval to miss practice but because of summer jobs, summer classes or whatever there may be different faces missing occasionally, but certainly not often.

It does get very hot but some players even stay after others leave to continue their personal practice, and some participate in two-a-day which really helps team bonding but they have ample water, Gatorade and trainers are there. This is not a pick-up type practice; this is a very hard, football practice that is legal because it is not supervised by coaching staff.-fsufever

(ps. I used to attend a lot of these workouts but I'm just not up to it right now).

fsufever will contribute summer workout reports when possible. He has attended numerous spring, summer, and fall workouts during the Pat Hill era. What he says is pretty accurate.

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