Friday, June 30, 2006

Injury Update by fsufever

Let’s look a little closer at some of the injured Players. I’ve attended the first 2 and the last 4 Summer Practice sessions and hope to attend the rest and have been able to talk to some of the injured.

1. Dwayne Wright: He has complete maneuverability while running. He says he is totally healed and ready to go. However, he needs to lose more than the 5 pounds mentioned. He must be closer to 12-15 pounds too heavy; in fact he went from very muscular in Spring Practice to too heavy now. However, he is very enthusiastic and upbeat at every Practice and looks good in his moves. I don’t think he is as fast right now as he was in previous years Practices and actual games but it may be just because he’s not extending himself yet.

2. Roshon Vercher: He is not working out with the team at this time and I have only seen him at the Practice Field one time and he was in civilian clothes. I have heard he will be back for Fall Practice and I expect and hope that is true.

3. Clint Stitser: He has been working out every day and is kicking the ball a TON! He is attempting about 15-20 kicks a Practice and all from about the 30-35 yard line. He starts out just kicking the ball through the goal posts and working on accuracy and then he starts kicking it harder and harder and ends up somewhere between 50-60 yards in the air. It’s difficult to say exactly because he is just kicking into an unmeasured area.

4. Clifton Smith: I have talked to him several times and also before and after the TV interview he gave yesterday. He is not very positive or enthusiastic about his return and I have doubts he will be back by the Oregon game. He says his knee is healed and that he is doing some jogging but I have not seen him work out at any time. He says his problem is the muscle above the knee and when he working under the supervision of the trainers he personally becomes concerned about stretching it or lifting too much weight on the individual leg machine and that is the holdup. I told him that we all loved him and admired him tremendously and certainly hoped he would be back soon. He is very polite but did not leave me with much hope for an early recovery.

5. Marcus Reilly: I have not talked to him but he is running and his teammates said he hoped to get in the Fall Practice.

6. Kreig Peters: He has gone home for a couple of weeks as he is still not cleared for Practice but his teammates believe he will be back for Fall Practice.

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