Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CFN's Take

College Football News head man Pete Fiutak gives his preview of the 2006 Bulldogs and it really puts things in perspective for every Bulldog fan:

Of course Fresno State wants to play anyone, anywhere; it's a no-risk proposition. If the Bulldogs lose to a big-time team, no one thinks much about it, But a win, or a close loss, and head coach Pat Hill tells anyone who'll listen, and many who won't, how his team deserves respect, and then the national attention follows.

Does all the focus and all the attention on playing the big name teams take away from the concentration on winning the WAC title? After all, how can you get up for playing Nevada when you've come within an eyelash of beating the number one team in the nation?

I don't usually agree with everything CFN writes, much less their rankings, but these guys do know their football. Take CFN for what it is, just a couple of guys who loved college football and now are making a living because of it.


pleasewintheWAC! said...

All that matters is WINNING THE WAC!!!!

If you beat Oregon and LSU and Washington and lose the WAC title, this season will again be a failure, so...

Please Win The WAC!

gofsudogs2006 said...

CFN's preview was actually very good. They seemed to hit all of the important needs the Bulldogs have for this upcoming season. The only thing i think they missed a bit on was how important Riley is to the defense. But they are not die hard Bulldog fans so I realize how they might not notice this. I also think our best defensive asset is McCauley but everyone here knows I am as pro McCauley as one person can be. Overall awesome preview and they really concentrated on the important themes of the season. They didn't bag on Fresno State for the end of last season and just concentrated on this season. Overall a good preview.

mdg said...

CFN did their homework, minus naming Andrews the best pro-prospect and neglecting to mention some of the incoming recruits.

Like I said these guys know their football and when they "mess-up" is mostly because they're stating their opinion and forgeting the facts.....much like passionate fans, which they are.