Saturday, June 03, 2006

Garrett Gone!

The Seattle Seahawks released three players yesterday and unfortunately Garrett McInytre was one of them. The reason for his release is unknown but give a pretty fair rational:

In keeping with the new personnel landscape brought about by the revised Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Seahawks didn't let go of any big names this June, but they did release three players receivers Jerheme Urban and Alex Bannister, as well as 2006 undrafted free agent Garrett McIntyre, a defensive end from Fresno State. Urban and Bannister, while flashing potential at times, have both suffered through injuries in the last couple of seasons, which have limited their effectiveness. McIntyre's card may have been punched when the Seahawks signed DE Darrell Wright.

McIntyre signed with Seattle May 1 as a undrafted free agent for a signing bonus of $3,000. Which was the 7th largest among the 12 undrafted players Seattle signed. Some Seahawk fans were puzzled by the move and expected McIntyre to at least be given a shot to earn a roster spot in preseason camp. But with five solid defensive tackles ahead of him on the Seahawks roster, and the signing of Wright, McIntyre has a better chance catching on with another NFL club.


Anonymous said...

Do you think McInytre will get picked up by another team and if so, any thoughts on who?

mdg said...

Big Mac will be given another shot. Seattle just wasn't the best place for him to make it as a DT or DE. Mac is better DT than DE. He lacks size to be a DT and speed to be a DE. He could make the move to MLB, but a team has to be willing to invest time and money for the project. Tedy Bruschi made a similar move with the Patriots, but NE drafted Bruschi and had a vested interest. Mac will have to work double as undrafted FA.