Friday, September 16, 2005

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Fresno State at Oregon-Oregon will win this game if they get in the endzone. Relying on field goals (11 so far after two games) will not do it against Fresno State's physical attack. I don't think Oregon has what it takes to win this game and will succumb to Fresno State.

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Fresno State at Oregon--> First huge test for both teams. Fresno wants to make a name for themselves, while Oregon wants to show that they're ready to contend in the Pac-10, a conference begging for teams to compete with USC. I like what I've seen from the Ducks so far, and even when they're struggling, Autzen Stadium is usually a pretty tough place to win in.The pick: Oregon

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Flying standby aside, I'm going to Eugene this weekend to watch the Fresno and Oregon game. I genuinely expect Fresno to win as they've seemed to continue their momentum from their MPC Bowl win over Virginia, where as the Ducks looked pretty flat against Houston and still a little unsure of their new offense against Montana. On the other hand, Fresno hasn't done real well against Oregon in the last decade or so. In 2002 Oregon won 28 to 24, but these are very different teams. Fresno returned 80 starters and Oregon is starting a completely new, spread offense...A nice benefit of visiting Eugene though is that I don't care to much who wins either way, so it ought to be a pretty good time regardless of the outcome. Fresno by 7!- $14 for a standing room only ticket- $19 for a bunk bed in a sweet Hostel- $2.40 for 2 day bus passes on Saturday and SundayI really think it'll be guaranteed fun. Not to mention, if the game is flat, theres always Oregon Cheerleaders and hippies to look forward to.

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1. Fresno State at Oregon (7:00 TBS)- 1) The Bulldogs are gunning to prove yet again that if you are a BCS school and the calendar says September, you had better beware the Fresno Power! 2) Kellen Clemens (Oregon's quarterback) is not highly respected outside of the West Coast. Neither is Terrence Whitehead (Oregon's running back). They're pretty darn good. 3) Both these teams play USC later in the year. (Oregon plays the Trojans next week, while Fresno State plays them on November 19.) Does either have a chance against the mighty Trojans?

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The Sports Network is predicting a 38-24 Bulldog win. Read the article at, you must click on preview on the page to read the game breakdown.

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