Saturday, September 17, 2005


Quick notes: Oregon 37 Fresno State 34
  • The passing game was superb, Pinegar's 418 was a career high.
  • The run was not there when needed. Fresno State exposed Oregon's weakness in the secondary, but the 'Dogs never established the run.
  • It seemed Clifton Smith's injury was bigger than many expected. Adam Jennings was used as the H-Back for the entire second half. A spot Smith was probably suppose to occupy for the game.
  • Bryson Sumlin and Roshon Vercher were non- factors. The power running game never got going.
  • Defensive line is in trouble. The second quarter exposed the 'Dogs lack of a pass rush.
  • Lane was a savior in the second half. Adjustments should have been made before halftime to slow down Oregon's hurry up offense.
  • The secondary is not as tough as in years past. The loss of James Sanders was felt this week. Josh Sherley did not make the same impact as he did last week.
  • The Ducks played harder and made the adjustments to win.

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