Friday, September 30, 2005

October Struggles

Fresno State has another Saturday off and it just happens to be October 1. October has not been a good month for Pat Hill and Fresno State in past years. Twice in the month of October Fresno State's Bowl Championship Series dreams were dashed, last year and 2001.

Will this year be different? The BCS is off the table and the WAC title is theirs for the taking, so maybe yes. Fresno State has three straight games against WAC newcomers New Mexico State, Utah State, and Idaho. The Bulldogs will be heavy favorites in all three, and that leads up to the October finale against Hawaii on the Island on the 29th. If Fresno State is going to lose in October this year, it will be at Hawaii. Pat Hill has never won at Hawaii, and Fresno State as a whole has only one win on the Island, and that was in 1994.

Well, players and coaches are enjoying the extra time between games. As well, for the hardcore Bulldog fans that are also hardcore college football fans, idle weeks let us watch some more college football that we would otherwise miss during a Bulldog football Saturday.

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