Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fresno State 44 Toledo 14

Photo (AP)

Some Quick Notes: RECAP

It sucked that Bruce Gradkowski did not suit up and play. The game would have been more competitive.

Fresno State recorded 5 sacks(unofficial), almost doubling the season total thus far.

Bryson Sumlin was back to his usual self, minus the fumble.

The offensive line looked great. No sacks allowed, no false starts, nor holds.

Pinegar did what was needed, he did not have to be spectacular today.

The linebackers are unreal. IMO, they are the strongest part of the defense.

Special teams were great, minus Stitser's missed PAT.

No real challenge left for the Bulldogs from now until Boise State comes to town November 10. Herbstreit will be in the house for that game, and for those who will miss it in person, it will be broadcast in HDTV.

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