Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bulldogs vs Weber State 7pm on ESPNU

Game time is just less than twelve hours away. Bulldogs have a nice tune up against the Wildcats before next's week game at Oregon. The Bulldogs should run away with a blow out win, but since Weber State's head coach is Hill's former position coach at UC Riverside, the respect factor could tone the score down a little. Click on the links to the Fresno Bee and read beatwriter David White's analysis and keys to the game. Preview link and depth charts, click here.


It does not look like this game will sell out this evening. It is a sad when the 24th ranked team in the country has not had a season opener at home in six years and can not produce a sell out. Granted, I-AA Weber State is not California or any other Pac 10 school, but doesn't everyone in Fresno want to see the Bulldogs, not the opponent? Fresno is full of fairweather fans and those just waiting to jump on the Bandwagon. I'll admit it, many times I rather watch the game at home on television, than go to Bulldog Stadium. The university does a poor job of marketing the Bulldogs, and the pregame activity is awful, unless one wants to get drunk at a tailgate. This year the Fresno State Alumni Association is starting Bulldog Boulevard near the North Gym. It should amp up the pregame festivities. I have not seen or heard one commercial about this week's game. My brother is a senior on campus, and he says it is just the same, no word on the campus, other than word of mouth.

The university and media have been feeding the public garbage the last two years, that the biggest sell out of the year was against I-AA Portland State. It was the cheapest ticket on the season in 2003 and followed a win over Louisiana Tech. It was destined to be a huge draw at only $20 a ticket at a 7 pm kickoff. Last year's meeting was coming off the heels of big wins on the road at Washington and Kansas State. The 'Dogs were ranked, and the local and national media was pumping up the Bulldogs as BCS busters. Portland State was, again, the cheapest ticket on the schedule and a 7 pm kickoff.

NCAA 2006 Prediction

According to EA Sports NCAA 2006, the Bulldogs will win 63-14. Sounds about right, but the CPU fails to consider how many youngsters will play, once Hill has put enough points on his ol' friend.


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