Monday, September 19, 2005

Pat Hill Show Recap

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Paul Loeffler sitting in for Bill Woodward (yea!!!!).Pat Hill pimping the QB Club Tailgate. QB Club on next Monday will have David Carr speaking! He'll be in town for his number retirement that night. RSVP to the QB Club Office 559-278-7801 because seats are limited.Pat seems in a very good mood today, despite the loss.Said he is proud at how tough we played. Said it was a big time football game. Proud of how well his players and coaches prepared.Update on Clifton Smith...won't play against Toledo. May not play this year, but they are hoping he'll be back this year. But they still don't know the extent of the injury.Losing Clifton took them out of a lot the packages they had planned on running.Applauded defense for playing well at many points during the game. Said it was a tough venue to play in, and it went down to the wire. In spite of everything, they still had chances to win the ball game.Said he is looking forward to playing them in Fresno. Paul asked him if he thinks the Ducks will make it to Fresno next year. Hill said he hopes so.Game came down to a couple of plays. Called the timeout at 2:16...had to be used because they did not want Paul to make a mistake since they needed at least a field goal. Had to design a play to get Matt Rivera open. Sound of the crowd meant they wanted to make sure they got the play called right. Couldn't just hand signal it in.Went for the onside because best case, they get the ball back maybe with 50 seconds left. Thought their best chance was for the onside.Oregon getting to 4th and inches was the worst scenario because it meant they could go for it with little risk.Criticized himself for not calling the timeout after the last 3rd down faster. Wasted 9-10 seconds. But he did not want to burn it immediately in case it was not out of bounds. Said the linesman wasn't clear if it was out of bounds, and he had to run after him to call the timeout.Officials admitted at half time they made a mistake spotting the ball in the first half that cost valuable time.Phone calls...Dean...question...why didn't you go for it on 4th and 1 early? was actually 4th and 2...too far to go for it. Would have gone for it at 4th and 1. Called their sting punt, and pinned them at the 4.Pat says he's never been one to criticize officials. He's always said after those games they are undisciplined. He is not longer saying that. He went back and looked at the games. In all games vs BCS teams they average 16 penalties. In all WAC games 6. Said discipline is fine. Only 3 undisciplined plays were the false start penalties, but credit to the Oregon crowd for noise.John...Giving a lot of positive remarks on how many players we have in the NFL. Talked about a negative caller on the post game who said Fresno State can't compete in these games.Pat...said the game wasn't determined till the last 38 seconds. Said Oregon had to play their best game to win. Said they have been very competitive in these games.John...said he thinks officials are aware if BCS teams lose to a Fresno State or Boise, those BCS conferences are out $4 million for missing another possible BCS bowl.Pat...talked about how motivated Toledo will be. Won 9 games last year, 3-0 this year. This is the game they are pointing to (Toledo), so it's going to be a war.Hard to get a pass rush on Oregon because of all the little dump offs. Said it wasn't those plays that hurt so much as a handful of big plays...Colvin TD, Whitehead run, etc.Pat talks about Toledo...their offense is designed to move the ball. If the QB is on, it's a tough game. Gradowski is a very good, accurate QB. Similar to Oregon...spread option. This tape will be very valuable for SC to see because they saw a lot of patterns, and the no huddle. Couldn't run the option to the perimeter, so that exposed a lot of things for SC. Pinegar 77% on passes so far.Larry...asked about any blitzes run in the first half.Pat...we didn't blitz much. You take a big risk blitzing an offense like that because Clemens can run. It's like blitzing a run option take a lot of risks. Adjusted in the second half and had some success stopping it. Had to play on eggshells because of all the pass interference calls which didn't go both ways in how they were called.David...Noise level was incredible...he was at the game. Understands the penalties from false start because it was so loud. Pat...heck of an environment to play in. But that the noise wasn't as big a factor as some might think. Said he bets Boise will be sold out on Wednesday night, in spite of being 0-2. That he hopes our fans show up on Tuesday vs. Toledo.Dennis...Just got back from Eugene. Commended Coach Hill has given Fresno State a chance to compete physically with BCS teams.Pat...said he believes FSU is in the top 25% of college football teams. Said Oregon knew they were in a fight from the first snap.Pat...all the sets they run are run with further games down the road. Had some good matchups they wanted against Oregon.Dennis...will WAC crews work our games when BCS schools come to Fresno?Pat...He hopes. But they can't bank on having refs, you have to win in spite of those things. Said Frank Cignetti and his staff have done an outstanding job preparing this season.No Pat Hill show next Monday since they play on Tuesday.Allan...Said offense is beautiful. Noted how big Oregon's offensive line is, and how hard it was for our DL to get around them.Pat...offensive scheme is very good, but we've played big OL before and had success. Clemens had success largely on small passes...curls, digs and swing passes. But we need to have a dominant pass rusher. Haji Lane was a great "spy guy" and made a lot of plays to not allow contain to break. Gave credit to Oregon and Clemen for having a hot hand and making plays. Game was still contested to the last 4th down possession.Pat talked about players doing so many good things off the field and in the class room.Earl the Pearl...commended the coaches for building the team with top local talent.Pat said there is a lot of great football in this valley in the high school and JC's.Pat commended Oregon's great shuttle service to get fans to the game. Would like to see us do that here. Said we have not even scratched the surface on what we could be as a program.Steve from AG...Proud of the Dogs, proud to be a fan.Pat...too bad we couldn't seal the deal, but we need the fans more than ever because we still have the chance for a great year. We need our fans more than ever.


Paul Pinegar's career record night is recongized by WAC as the best of the week.

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