Monday, September 19, 2005

From a Duck Fan...........

Fresno State fans,

Can’t help but write about a very good program. This series between our two programs I think is here to stay. I will say there is a little talent difference between the two programs right now, but it’s mostly in depth and we know we have to bring our “A” game when we play you to keep from being beat.

I wish next season, when we come down there, TBS, ESPN or ABC would decide to change our game date and make it a Wednesday or Thursday night Season opener and introduce the series to the rest of the country. The last four games certainly prove both teams bring a very entertaining game to the table.

Now about Saturday, Our punting was bad, very bad, but I think ended in our favor as we really took your punt returner out of the picture and kept him from breaking a big one on us. It might have been the second biggest reason we won. The first being no huddle offense. I think your defense will end up being the second best defense we face this season and we had to neutralize it as best we could with the no huddle offense.

I see a good shot at 9-2 for you guys; you might have a few problems with that other Pac 10 School on your schedule. I hope that’s good enough for a great bowl trip for you guys. That should be one of our Goals … meet you at a neutral field for a bowl game/party!! Could happen some day soon.

Thanks for being great fans.

Jim the Duck

thanks to Jim for contributing a guest post on the Fresno State Football Blog.....

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