Monday, September 12, 2005

Pat Hill Show Recap

by Pryme Tyme posted on the Barkboard

First, I have to say Pat Hill sounded very upbeat. I guess a win is good for that.Talked a little about Weber, but not much. Said no disrespect to them, but they just didn't have the athletes to play special teams with us. Said Oregon will have the athletes to play with our special teams, no doubt.Said he's excited about this game because he says he thinks both team's strengths match up with each other...Oregon's DL vs. FSU's OL. Said that's all you can ask for in a big time game.Said they are preparing with crowd noise piped in this week to prepare for the crowd at Autzen. Said you can't make verbal signals in there, they all have to be hand signals.Praised the pre-game festivities...Bulldog Blvd., QB Club Tailgate.Encouraged people to get your tickets now for Toledo so they can avoid standing in line to get tickets. Encouraged people to get there early and be loud! Said Toledo is very physical, and will come in 3-0 breathing fire.Said Boise won't lose again this season before they come to Bulldog Stadium.Noted only two games sold out at USC this year...UCLA and Fresno State. Thanked the Trojans for giving us the opportunity. Noted scheduling Fresno State is good for business for all California Pac-10 schools.Said we are going to have to step up to pay bigger guarantees since they added a 12th game, so D-1AA teams (or whoever) will go where the money is best.Praised Thomas Boeh as a great AD. Noted we have never had clackers or giveaways at our games. Said it would be great for our atmosphere. Said Fresno City College was given clackers. I assume clackers are noise makers. Maybe he wants clackers? Said ticket prices will have to go up if we bring a Kansas State or big time team here. Bill Woodward said you have to have someone running your athletic department with some integrity (perhaps a little slam on SJ?). Said the AD has to tell the head coach "you must honor the contract to play X team," like the AD at KSU does with Bill Snyder. In more detail, it seems as if he was referring to other AD's not living up to contracts to come to Fresno State.Said Oregon will come to Fresno, their AD Bill Moos is an upstanding guy. Said Oregon State has always honored. Said KSU will honor it.Said Oklahoma and Kansas State's visiting locker rooms are the worst...each had one toilet. Said our new visitor's locker room is one of the best visiting locker rooms he's been in.Said Oregon's and Washington's visitor locker rooms are not very good. Said Hawaii's are the best because they have to be equal locker rooms for the Pro Bowl. Ended the topic because he said it's only a big deal if you make it a big deal.Status of McIntyre...believes it's a high ankle sprain. Says his tolerance of pain makes him think he'll come back in two weeks. Said prognosis is 2-4 weeks, but McIntyre is tough, and plays through pain. Says he doubts he'll be back this week. As of the show, they have not gotten the x-rays back, will know more when they get those.Talked about players sticking around late to sign autographs after the game. Said he tells his players that we should support the community because they support us. Important for our players to show respect to our fans. Said it's a two way street because they ask the fans to come out and support them.Said the Green V Society (renamed) and merged into the Bulldog Foundation. Said it's a way to generate the type of money that BCS schools get for just being BCS schools. Said you can be Vanderbilt and still get $4 million for going 1 and 10 because you belong to the SEC.Talked about two back formations, and that they'll use it a lot this year.A caller praised special teams for execution and speed. Hill praised John Baxter for his preparations. Caller criticized Paul Pinegar for looking down the receiver. Coach Hill said he didn't see it that way, said he's got his triangle of reads on one half of the field, so it may look like he's staring down the WR but he's not. Said Paul didn't have to look off WR because the DB's never made him.Woodward praised the special teams on Clifton's TD returns for not blocking in the back, which would be easy to do given how much he jukes and cuts back.Coach Hill talked about several mistakes that people might not notice in a blowout, but that will kill you in close games. Said we made some of those, but feels we'll get better for it. Said Sunday evening's practice was fantastic, and the players responded well to the criticism.Said that when our team was in Boise their fans treated them with tremendous respect, and he asked that when their fans come down for the game, that our fans treat them with the utmost respect because they are first class people.Team leaves for Oregon Thursday afternoon at 5:00 PM. All practices are closed. Today is the team's off day, but kids are around voluntarily watching film.Vince Mays has a shoulder injury, and he's probably out. Clifton Smith is adjusting to all the reps he's getting, and said he's "a little banged up," but is definitely going to play. Said he's told Clifton to stifle the Batman shirt...if he gets a penalty for it, he will not be happy. People were laughing, and Coach Hill said he was serious, and it wasn't funny. I get the impression, he is serious.Said Oregon is going to be breathing fire when they come out, and will be ready. "But so will we."

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