Saturday, October 07, 2006

Opening Drive

Fresno State stalled on the opening drive as Brandstater missed an open Chastin West down the right sideline on a third and five. So far the Bulldogs run defense is ugly to say the least. They allowed a 20 yard run on the first drive and are giving up five yars or so per carry. Fresno State wil be getting the ball back with 7 minutes left in the first quarter as they have stopped a terrible Utah State offense for a 2nd time. Bulldogs ball, first and ten on the Aggies 43 yard line.

By the way Brandstater opened up the game with a 13 yard completion to Bear Pascoe. It is currently not raining but the Dogs look as if they are going to run a lot tonight. Wright carried the ball four times out of the first six plays. Look for this to continue.

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