Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gameday - LiveBlog

Well we play Utah State today at 5pm. I am going to do my best to liveblog the game for anyone who can't watch it and is wondering what happened. I have never done one of these before but I figure now is as good a time to start. Anyhow if you want to find out that stuff just come back to the blog from time to time after 5pm and I will tell you what happened while at the same time giving my thoughts on what Fresno State should be doing to win the game. Well go dogs, lets get back on track here.


Steve Burnes said...

I just watched the LSU game, and it appears that in many years we would have a chance against this team. This years' Bulldogs do not appear to match up well at all, however. LSU is simply to big and too fast.

What struck me most was the size and look of their QB: he seems to be a man playing against boys. A strong Florida team made him look slow and clumsy at times, but our defense simply won't. I am often optimistic about the "big" teams we play; not this time.

That said, if we win big today against a horrible Aggie team, let that propel us to a win against a formidable Rainbow Warrier foe, and LSU stumbles next week--in short, a perfect storm--well...miracles can happen!

Jeez, I've just talked myself into believing we COULD win in Louisianna. I guess hope really does spring eternal.

Go 'Dogs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Site!
Please tell me why the fastest man on the team, who is playing like a man and will probably go to the Pro's in the first round can't even touch the ball?
Marcus McCauley was recruited to Fresno State as a Fleet Footed P/K Return Specialist. Marcus never played cornerback until his first year at Fresno. I say give him a shot at what he doe's best. It can only help at this point. Go Dawg's!Doggie Daddio.