Friday, October 20, 2006

A few days ago I wrote a blog saying what could possibly happen in the game against LSU if Fresno State could control the clock, pass efficiently, and play turnover free ball. One of the comments left after the blog asked me to say what I think will happen as opposed to what could happen. I didn't realize it until now but I never really say what I think is going to happen. I usually just write about the possibilities. Well the game against LSU is the perfect chance for me to let you fans know exactly what I think will happen in ths game.

Take a look at the picture on the left because I expect to see a lot of this from LSU during the course of the game. LSU is absolutely amazing on defense and if their offense doesn't shoot itself in the foot the defense will produce a near shutout almost every time they set foot on the field. With that being said I think Fresno State is going to come onto the field with a lot of fire. This will be the first game with Sean Norton at QB and I believe the Dogs feel like they have a better chance to win the game with him on the field. The defensive stops we did not make last week we will make in the first quarter this week. Don't get me wrong, LSU is a very good football team but they do not run an offense like Hawaii's as the Bulldogs match up much better with the Tigers. I do not expect Fresno State to be able to establish the run because of how strong the Tigers defense is. If the Dogs are going to score points they are going to have to take chances down field on inside post routes and crossing routes. I expect this to be a close game by halftime. At halftime the Dogs should be within ten of the Tigers with a legitimate chance to come back in the second half.

With the game being close at halftime Fresno State will feel like they can win this game and come out on fire again to start the secnd half. I feel like they will even make this a close game as they will close within three to seven at one point in the second half. However, LSU has far too much depth for the Bulldogs to be able to keep up and will score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. As I said I think the score will be LSU 41 Fresno State 24. The Bulldogs will leave with a sense of accomplishment as they know their offense is young and learning with each game that passes. Sean Norton is going through a learning process at QB but will provide an opportunity for the offense to throw the ball successfully. I also want to say that I feel the offense will open up a bit more in this game because the coordinator knows LSU is far too disciplined to handle basic runs over and over again. Look for Norton to roll out often. Look for misdirections and counters often. I would say even look for the option in this game. The Bulldogs will be pulling out all of the stops to try and get a win in Baton Rouge which in turn should make for a very entertaining game to watch from a Bulldog fans standpoint.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking my comment into consideration. I appreciate your reflection and new post. Your final analysis sounds like a very plausible outcome.

I just hope our defense makes the plays they should make, receivers catch the balls they should catch, and the players play with some intensity.

If we still lose after giving it our all so be it. I'm just sick of seeing such a defeated team out there on the field. And PH's comments aren't helping anything either. Especially about "pretending to have the fire to win."

I look forward to the game. Keep up the good work nsc.

formerdog said...

The WILL be only two FSU teams that show up for this game tomorrow.

1) The team that played USC tough (because we ALL know Pat Hill is the best at getting the boys 'fired up' against the 'big name' BCS school.


2) The shit*y FSU team that got HUMILIATED against Hawaii in the Doghouse.

There will be no inbetween team. If I was betting on this game I would put my $$$$ on #2.

Sorry Pat, I am sick and tired of 'wishing' and 'dreaming' that FSU can play with the 'big boys' every week - WE CAN'T.

"Shut Your Mouth and Just Win"

Anonymous said...

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