Monday, October 09, 2006

A Letter to Pat Hill

Mr. Hill,
What has happened to your fire as coach? What has happened to our once proud football team that would take on anyone, anytime, anywhere? Why is it that when we play teams now it looks as if the other team is more fired up than we are? The 2006 Bulldogs are undoubtably the single best team you have ever put together. You have more talent at each position (aside the corner opposite of McCauley) than you have ever had in your program. Paul Williams and Joe Fernandez are two of the best wide receivers in the West. Chastin West is going to be something amazing as has already started his progress by showing that he has great hands and amazing speed. Dwayne Wright may be the best running back to ever come through the city of Fresno. His pounding style of football has allowed him to succeed in a system where he has to break tackle after tackle just to get back to the line of scrimmage. The offensive line is led by Kyle Young who may be the best center in the league. With a supporting cast of Denman, Lepori, Wendell, and even McDowell this offensive line gives the quarterback more than enough time to throw the ball. Roshon Vercher may be one of the best fullbacks we have ever had in the Fresno State system. On defense we have two 330 pound lineman in Shirley and Leonard. Tyler Clutts is a motor that won't stop, and Marcus McCauley has more talent at CB than anyone we have ever put in that position. We have some weaknesses in our secondary but these lineman should be putting pressure on the qb to where we are not exploited in the secondary. So my question to you Mr. Hill is what is wrong with this team?

The fans of Fresno have rallied around your tough coaching style for the past ten years. Up until this season you had brought life into a program that had lost it after the departure of Trent Dilfer. Today I ask you to find that fire once again and lead this team into the second half of the season with a desire they have not shown up to this point. Can you do that for the city of Fresno Mr. Hill? We have sat back and listened to you clamor about BCS games, national recognition, and playing the biggest and best the college ranks has to offer. Today we sit here with national recognition. We have played some of the best teams the nation has to offer, and we have put ourselves in line to play in a BCS game but just have not finished the job. However, this season we have problems that have not surfaced before. Our QB situation has become a hotly debated issue that needs to be fixed soon. We understand as fans that you like to go with a one QB system but do you have to be this stubborn Mr. Hill? Can you not see that you are rendering the rest of our offense useless by continually putting a QB in the game that cannot make the throws needed to succeed? Without a passing game we have no running game. Utah State realized this and forced us to throw the ball on third and long every time. All we as fans are asking is for you to take your stubborn side and throw it to the side for the greater good of the team. This city loves the Bulldogs, you know that. A great amount of us will support Fresno State football regardless of what happens, but when you have a fix why don't you use it? Sean Norton our first and only Parade All American sits on the bench watching our starting QB throw one bad pass after another. We understand you don't want to put all of the blame on Tom but he has to take some of the faults for what has gone wrong.

Football is a great game Mr. Hill. You have done an outstanding job of turning around a program that would have never played the big time schools we have in the past ten years. However, today we need more from you. We need you to open up your mind and try something you don't necessarily like doing. We as Fresno State fans need you to give others a chance. We need you to make changes on this team. Put Sean Norton in and see how he does under pressure. Give Jefferson a chance at corner, it can't become much worse with how badly both Simmons and Jenkins have played. In the end we just need you to allow change to happen. In 2007 we will have many young players on the field and these men wil not be ready to play unless they see time now. Make this a bright future for the Bulldogs. Give them a chance this weekend against Hawaii. Tom has had an opportunity and he has not done the job you had hoped he would. Open your mind and let other possibilities in. Once you do the results might surprise you. What if Norton leads us to a victory this weekend? What if Jefferson plays corner and shuts down Hawaii's receiver? It is not too late to make changes Mr. Hill. Unfortunately if you continue to operate within your stubborn ways you will lose much of the support you have gained over the past ten years. I would never want to see that happen to someone who I think genuinly loves Fresno State as much as the next fan. I wish you a great rest of the season, but please make some changes, it is all we ask as die hard fans of the Fresno State Bulldogs.
A Bulldog Fan for Life,

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