Monday, October 16, 2006

Defensive Reactions

I have read some of the comments left by people who responded to my article on what went wrong with our defense Saturday against Hawaii. I am sure I missed plenty with respect to what went wrong but at the same time I was a little confused by the fact that people are beginning to find faults with both McCauley and Andrews. I am sorry but I do not see any reason to blame these two for anything. That would be like blaming Norton for the loss against Hawaii because he threw the interception for a touchdown. You would be ignoring the 225 yard passing and three touchdowns by only paying attention to his one bad throw. McCauley has been beaten in the last few games on deep plays. He has been having problems in coverage the last few weeks but do you really feel this is his fault? Do you really believe McCauley is to blame at the end of the day? I want everyone who comes on here to go back and watch the three big plays he has been beaten by in the past three weeks. If you pay attention the Colorado State game should have been offensive pass interference as the receiver threw McCauley down and somehow the referee missed this penalty. Go back to this past Saturday and watch the Hawaii game over again. Don't just sit and view the game, watch it in detail. If you notice our defensive scheme was absolute crap. McCauley had to cover two receivers on countless plays. If one person comes on this blog and says they can cover two Hawaii receivers at the same time they are liars. Andrews at the same time was forced to cover a wide receiver far too many times for a Linebacker. I am really surprised that most fans did not notice this during the game. I counted three toucdown passes to wide receivers who were being covered by Linebackers. If you want to place blame for this do not put it on McCauley, Jenkins, Simmons, Shirley, Mays, Andrews, or McCauley. You put the blame where it all begins and that is with Dan Brown.

Hawaii predominantly runs routes of eight to ten yards. If you know they are going to do this there is only one way to stop a run and shoot or spread offense. You tell your corners to absolutely explode on the receiver when the plays begins. You are allowed to chuck the receiver within five yards so you do it. When Hawaii is running patterns all over the field with four to five receivers why do you not blitz? By blitzing Linebackers you cause the RB to stay back and block taking him out of the play. I just wonder if our coaches even watched prior games with respect to Hawaii. Last weekend Nevada was outmatched on defense but kept the game close by blitzing and forcing Brennan to throw the ball before he wanted to. Brennan had to roll out countless times against Nevada to get away from the pressure and when you roll out you are taking away one side of the field for the offense. I sit here and I am not even upset with our defense on the whole, I knew Hawaii would score plenty of points. I am upset with the fact that the coaches for Fresno State did not adjust to what Hawaii was doing on offense. The Dogs did not try anything different and have done the same thing all year. They can hold a team to third and long and then give up a first down because the QB has absolutely no pressure to deal with.

We are going through hard times right now and I have to say it is getting tough to endure all of this. But the faults and blames should start with those at the top. The coaches are the ones who have to get the team prepared to play and it is obvious they are not doing the job right now. Our offense is going to turn around if Hill decides to play Norton and let these other young men have a chance to shine. It's time to fix the defense and the Dogs need to start this offseason by saying goodbye to Dan Brown.

LSU Game Note - Coach Hill has named Sean Norton the starter for the game against LSU and rightfully so. Norton played outstanding against Hawaii and gives us a glimmer of hope on offense against a fast and tenacious LSU defense.


Anonymous said...

So who's it gonna be . . . Sean or Tommy? Anybody heard anything?

nsc said...

I put it down for ya, it's Norton against LSU. He will play the entire game barring any unforseen circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can blame the corners completely, but it sure seemed like every single time a pass was thrown to their guy, the gap was at least 5 yards.

It's darn easy to make a catch and get at least a couple more yards with that kind of gap.

If they kept a closer gap on the receivers they would have had more chances to break up the pass or keep the yardage down.

They did break up a couple, but obviously not enough.

formerdog said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! Pat Hill ACTUALLY did something RIGHT!

I stand corrected, maybe Pat Hill CAN change?...

Norton will start vs. LSU. Praise the Lord!

Now, will PH FINALLY get his act together and actually give Norton a chance to put up some points and change the RIDICULOUS offensive scheme and play calling?

Norton WILL NOT be successful UNLESS FSU passes more on 1st and 2nd downs. If you didn't see the 1st half Norton stats vs. Hawaii on 1st and 2nd down plays here they are again:


1st down rush attempts: 3 of 11 (27%)
1st down pass attempts: 8 of 11 (72%).. This is what I have been PREACHING all week long... MORE PASSING on 1st down!!!!

2nd down rush attempts: 3 of 7 (42%)
2nd down pass attempts: 4 of 7 (57%)...this is what our offensive stats SHOULD be.

I am so sick and tired of reading the PH jock sniffer posts on this and other sites saying Brandstater did a good job vs. Hawaii. B.S.

Brandstater was 4 of 5 for 79 yards. ONE good pass was for 75 yards so take that away and he was 3 passes for 4 yards!!!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!

Where was this a good performance? The ONLY reason PH took Brandstater out of the game was because he tweaked his knee! Otherwise, his sorry a** would still have been in that game doing what he does best...NOTHING!

Pat didn't put in Norton because the Bulldogs needed a 'spark'. He went in because TB was hurt.

Don't get me wrong. Brandstater MAY be a good QB, but under the CURRENT offensive scheme and HORRIBLE play calling, Brandstater and Norton will NEVER find out just how good they really are.

Our offensive play calling has us set up for failure. running almost 70% of the time on 1st and 2nd down will ALWAYS put any QB in 3rd and long. (Look at ALL our games this year - these are the facts).

LSU's D is BIG and NASTY. They WILL load 9 in the box almost all night unless we start the passing attack early.

And don't give me the B.S. that Wright lost the Hawaii game for his two fumbles either. (Sure, I'm NOT excusing the sloppy turnovers), but Hawaii took advantage of FSU's passive offense trying to establish the run on 1st and 2nd downs.

I won't even comment on our defense.. they are SO HORRIBLE that my grandmother could put up points on this D.

Again, Pat Hill will NEVER accomplish his unachievable goals at FSU UNTIL HE CHANGES!!!!!

It hasn't worked in ten years and now is at an ALL-TIME low.

Hey Pat, if you don't want to quit FSU yet, at least FIRE your sorry excuse for a D-coordinator and while your at it, fire the O-coordinator as well.

This may be your ONLY chance to rebuild this program. Remember, all your credibility that you built these past ten years IS GONE. You need to start again from scratch. You have SOME decent players that are SO LOST because of POOR coaching. Give your players a chance to be winners again.

Your way HAS NEVER worked.........CHANGE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we all just start getting behind the 'Dogs again, instead of continually perpetuating the fact that Fresno is the most fickle city in the country, and has no identity?
As I make my trip down to Red Stick this weekend, I have no fairy-tale belief that FS will pull it out and shock the world, but at the same time, that doesn't stop me from supporting the team I grew up rooting for and supporting. It saddens, no, sickens me to read all the negative commentary coming from the homefront. Instead of trying to figure out what needs to be done, and remaining supportive, one (very) bad season has turned the entire valley into MLB watchers.
Get back in the stands, in 3 weeks, and get back behind the 'Dogs. Do you all really think they're not fed up with the way things are going?

formerdog said...


..."that doesn't stop me from supporting the team I grew up rooting for and supporting"..

I applaud you for your support. However, as a former Bulldog player, I am DISGUSTED with how the decision makers of this program are ruining the reputation that has been built here.

Like I posted on the next topic...

This is BUSINESS...and FSU is in the business of LOSING (we average 5 losses EACH year under Pat Hill and Down Brown). It is now at a all-time low.


FIRE PAT HILL ....if he refuses to change!!!!!!!!!

Pat COULD have taken this program to a next level, now everything he build is lost. He has to start again from scratch, and when you start or 'rebuild' you must get rid of the cancer that EVERY TEN YEARS has foiled Pat Hill - his defense.....FIRE DAN BROWN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I can agree with firing Dan Brown. Execution is not his fault, preparation is. It's obvious preparation is an issue on both sides of the ball this year, but statistics have shown that FS has been the class of the WAC defensively for the past few seasons. If firing him is the answer, I'm truly curious to see who could step in and bring the 'Dogs back to where they were over the past few seasons defensively.
As for the O coordinator, I thought that Cignetti leaving would be just what the team needed with new QBs coming into this season. Boy, was I wrong! A lot of people complain about repetitive play-calling, but no one was complaing when Mathis and Sumlin ran over Mankins 25+ times in the MPC Bowl a few years ago. You stick with what works. The difference is that with that running game, there was still a legit passing attack to keep defenses honest. "The Beastly One," Dwayne Wright, is quite possibly the best RB in the team's history, but without any reason to remain honest, teams can stack up 8-9 in the box nullifying his talent. Walter Payton couldn't keep it going against that type of set.
Either way, I'll be down in BR this weekend and I'll be supporting the players. The staff? Well, my opinion hasn't been solidified yet. But, one thing's positive...At least I'll be drinking all day, so it won't hurt as bad at the end of the night!

formerdog said...


Better drink PLENTY... you'll need it!

..."Execution is not his (Dan Brown) fault, preparation is. It's obvious preparation is an issue on both sides of the ball this year, but statistics have shown that FS has been the class of the WAC defensively for the past few seasons."...

'Class of the WAC?' - This is NOTHING to brag about. The WAC is one of the WORST conferences in college football.

FSU CANNOT keep playing 'catch up' every week! Our Defense is killing us. We have talent on this defense, however inexcusable POOR tackling, lack of turnovers and just downright horrible execution -


Enough is enough! Dan Brown HAS to go!

Anonymous said...

Formerdog--> Trust me, bro...I'll drink enough to make the game watchable for all of us!!!
If there's one thing this Fresnan can show those coonasses, it's how to party! The game will most likely be laughable, so since I bought the tix the day they became available, I have to get my money's worth!