Monday, September 11, 2006

Who in the **** is Red, and Who in the **** Gave Him a Mic?

NSC has been contributing to this blog and given his great insight to the games, and I hate to break up his flow of UW-FS previews, but I need to rant on that fat guy with the mic at Saturday's game name Red.

Oregon plays in Fresno for the first time in 10 years. It is the first time in five years a ranked BCS team plays in Fresno. It is the first time one of ABC/ESPN's top play-by-play crews -- Dan Fouts, Tim Brandt and Jack Arute -- call a game in Fresno. And FS decides to have some guy named Red run wild with a mic.

If I was a Duck fan, I would have been embarrassed for Bulldog fans, thinking they have to deal with Red for every home game. Well, it was Red's first appearance at Bulldog Stadium, I believe, he might have been at some other games, but wasn't as annoying as he was Saturday night.

It just makes me think the athletic department is trying too hard to develop some freakin traditions. Let Red go, and try something else, please.


nsc said...

MDG you know that guy was an idiot. We shouldnt have to have him direct the flow of cheering. Just have damn cheerleaders hold up signs. I mean when I went to Boise two years ago the fans did it on their own, but here in fresno we need some idiot to tell us how to cheer? It isn't exactly hard to do. Hell I will volunteer to get down there on the MIC, I am a real Bulldog fan with fire, this guy they got was a moron at best and you know that man. We need get a hold of who makes these decisions and tell them to let us run the fan support. I think it would be much better if real fans were down there. For god sakes the guy had a pinegar jersey on.

mdg said...

$h!t I'd even donate money to bring back Crazy George!

FS doesn't need a gimmick just let the "cheer"leaders do the cheering and the lead the crowd.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and I am an Oregon fan. It was my first Fresno game after having been to many top-flight Pac-10 stadiums and games in my life. Not only was Red annoying, but the sound system was terrible at the stadium, every word was interrupted by sound. The halftime show was terrible and what is the Bulldog Bounce? That is a joke. They played House of Pain (circa 1993) for 5 minutes. 30 seconds is one thing, but that was embarrassing.