Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Fresno State Blog

AOL Sports has launched a new college football site devoted to college football blogs. And Fresno State is the only non-BCS school -- besides Navy -- that has its own page. I will be contributing most of the content to the new blog.

So add one more site to your daily grind of Bulldog football info. And I want to thank NSC for contributing to the FSFB. His insight and perspective is different from mine. So when I contribute and post, it is not just repetitive information.


nsc said...

MDG, nice stuff over on the AOL page. I cannot believe we do not have a receiver with 100 yards yet this season, you know how disappointing that is? I mean we threw the ball to Fernandez once last week, one time to Joe who makes an outstanding play on the ball. I just dont get it sometimes, our predictable offense should have beat Oregon. What would happen if the defense didnt know what was coming?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - off the the topic.

I live way out of the Fresno area so I will not be able to catch this weekend's game on TV. Can anyone suggest a good website where I can check on the progress of the game?

Go Dogs!

mdg said...

First do you have satellite or digital cable? Fox College Sports Pacific and Fox Sports NW will carry the game live at 6:30 ET.

if not...or live outside the continental US....

ESPN Gametracker is okay, but I also like cbssportline's scoreboard, it updates automatically. And I will do a live blog on the AOL Fanhouse page, for at least the first half, maybe the entire game. I will just play it by ear.